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Pregnant females are particularly susceptible come yeast infections. Here"s what you need to know about preventing and treating yeast infections throughout pregnancy.
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With so much going on down there already, the last thing you need is one itchy yeast infection as soon as you"re expecting. Unfortunately, soaring estrogen levels the come with having actually a bun in the oven deserve to increase your hazard of having actually one, making yeast epidemic the most usual vaginal infection during pregnancy.

In fact, almost 75 percent of every adult women have had actually at least one yeast infection in your lifetime, according to the Centers for an illness Control and Prevention (CDC). The an excellent news: while uncomfortable because that the mother-to-be, yeast epidemic don’t affect your pregnancy or your cultivation baby, and also safe treatment alternatives are available.

What causes yeast infections throughout pregnancy?

Vaginal yeast epidemic are resulted in by an overgrowth the a fungus calledCandida. Return it lives in the vagina normally, an imbalance in bacteria and yeast deserve to allowCandidato overgrow, bring about symptoms that a yeast infection.

Women are much more likely to build yeast infections at times once they space experiencing fluctuations in hormone levels, together as throughout pregnancy, if taking oral contraceptives or due to estrogen therapy. Taking certain species of antibiotics can likewise up her risk, as can having diabetes or a condition that weakens your immune system, such together HIV.

What space the symptoms of a yeast infection?

It’s regular to experience boost in vaginal discharge during pregnancy. In fact, the thin, milky, mild-smelling discharge you may notification when you"re pregnant is so common it has a name:leukorrhea.

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The discharge you an alert when you have a yeast infection is different, however. If you have actually a yeast infection, you may experience:

White, lumpy, odorless dischargeItching and burning the the area outside of her vagina (called the vulva)Your vulva may look red and swollenPainful urination

Some women likewise experience discomfort throughout intercourse once they have a yeast infection.
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