Most women who have actually breast implants deserve to still breastfeed, but there space things you need to know around feeding post-surgery.

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Is domperidone really a magic breastfeeding pill?The various other thing to take into consideration is the factor you had actually the augmentation surgical treatment in the first place. If friend had relatively symmetrical, frequently shaped breasts and you just wanted a tiny boost, then possibilities are you will certainly not run into challenge breastfeeding, describes Taya Griffin, a lactation consultant in Toronto. But, if you had an extremely flat or tubular shame breasts before your augmentation, you may have been at risk for low milk it is provided regardless of having actually surgery. She add to that some breasts don’t develop properly throughout puberty and therefore don’t contain enough glandular tissue to create the essential breastmilk.

If you’ve had an augmentation and you want to breastfeed, Griffin argues doing everything feasible to get things off to a good start, especially if you doubt you may have had insufficient glandular tissue. (One sign of this is if her breasts didn’t adjust during pregnancy.)

She recommends taking herbal supplements that room thought to promote milk production, such as fenugreek and also blessed thistle, and potentially talking to your doctor about getting a prescription for domperidone, the medicine that boosts milk production, to have on hand in situation you do have a short supply.

Make sure your baby is latching well, and also if you have actually concerns, you might want to reach out to a lactation consultant or a breastfeeding clinic. “We really want to maximize the supply that you carry out have,” says Griffin.

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Semple note that females who’ve undergone augmentation likewise need to it is in extra careful about breast infection, well-known as mastitis, since it have the right to increase your danger for capsular contracture, which occurs as soon as scar tissue tightens approximately the implant. This deserve to be quite painful and, in severe cases, deserve to lead to your implants being removed.

Make certain you call your healthcare provider you’ve had actually the surgery, for this reason they have the right to monitor her baby’s load gain and ensure feeding is walking smoothly. If you do have actually low milk supply, you may need to supplement v formula. Pumping can sometimes help, but Griffin notes the it’s a an extremely individual choice—pumping in addition to breastfeeding deserve to be exhausting, therefore she doesn’t constantly recommend it. Instead, she motivates women to use a lactation aid, likewise called a supplemental nursing system, whereby the supplemental milk is in a container attached come a pipe which is put into the baby’s mouth while he is sucking in ~ the breast. The added removal that milk indigenous the breast signals her body to produce milk, describes Griffin. “This helps maximize the breast milk supply, yet also method baby can exclusively feed at the breast, if it is what mother desires.”