Members that the U.S. Women's national water polo team test your grit while doing 'surf immersion' training at Naval distinct Warfare (NSW) facility in Coronado, California, Nov. 6, 2019. (Mass interaction Specialist 1st Class Anthony W. Walker/U.S. Marine photo)
The Navy marked a an initial earlier this year once a mrs completed marine SEAL officer assessment and also selection, has learned.

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At the quarterly conference of the Defense Advisory Committee on females in the solutions in December, a Navy official disclosed that the woman had actually reached the finish of the physically and mentally demanding two-week SOAS procedure in September. Ultimately, however, she was not selected because that a SEAL contract, public official said.

While the armed forces formally opened up SEAL billets -- and all various other previously closed tasks -- to women in 2016, no woman has yet made it to the well known 24-week straightforward Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training to date. If the woman had actually been selected because that a SEAL contract at the finish of SOAS, she would have actually been the first to with BUD/S.

Capt. Tamara Lawrence, a spokeswoman because that Naval unique Warfare, said the candidate had actually not noted the SEALs together her top-choice warfighting community. She to be awarded location in her height choice, Lawrence said.

"We do not comment on details that a candidate"s non-selection so the does not interfere with their successful business in other warfighter communities," she said.

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Candidates for SOAS are taken from university Reserve Officer maintain Corps programs, organization academies, and also the Navy"s Officer Candidate School, every prior to acquiring their very first Navy contract. Lawrence declined to specify i m sorry pathway the recent female candidate had taken out of issue that doing for this reason would reveal her identity.

Lt. Elegant Olechowski, force integration officer v Naval unique Warfare Command, said five women had been invite to take part in SOAS because the pipeline was opened up to women. Three had gone into SOAS to date, but only one had completed assessment and also selection. damaged the news in 2017 that a first female college student had gone into SOAS -- an ROTC college student at a U.S. College. She eventually exited the process before getting to the choice panel, however.

Lawrence said the SEAL officer selection procedure is candidate-neutral, meaning the choice board go not know the gender or other an individual information of the candidates.

"Selection is based on the candidate"s scores throughout the two-week SOAS assessment," she said. "This procedure ensures every candidate has actually a fair and equal chance based upon Naval one-of-a-kind Warfare standards."

It"s also feasible that not listing the SEALs as a main career selection would factor versus a candidate in the selection process.

The selection panel is made up of senior SEAL officers, Lawrence said, who usage SOAS evaluate data together with resume info to choose "the many competitive candidates."

Roughly 180 candidates space selected each year to to visit SEAL officer assessment and also selection, she said; ~ above average, the height 85 candidates are liked to continue on come SEAL training. Over there are 4 two-week SOAS blocks organized every year.

While SOAS precedes the compensation of a final SEAL contract, that is no for the pass out of heart. It was previously referred to as "mini-BUD/S" in a nod to its grueling and rigorous nature.

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"Physical stress and sleep deprivation are used to expose authentic personality traits," the Navy states on its main Naval one-of-a-kind Warfare recruiting site. "Performance and interview data top top every candidate is meticulously documented and also presented to the NSW choice Panel."

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