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The impact of appendectomy in future tubal infertility and ectopic pregnancy: a methodical review and meta-analysis

Review published: 2014.

Bibliographic details: Elraiyah T, Hashim Y, Elamin M, Erwin PJ, Zarroug AE.  The impact of appendectomy in future tubal infertility and also ectopic pregnancy: a methodical review and also meta-analysis. Journal of operation Research 2014; 192(2): 368-374.e1.


BACKGROUND: Ruptured appendicitis has been implicated in bring about scarring, which have the right to lead to infertility and/or ectopic pregnancy. To evaluate the degree of association and also the top quality of proof supporting the relation amongst appendectomy, woman fertility outcomes, and ectopic pregnancy.

METHODS: us systematically searched multiple digital databases from inception through might 2013 for randomized trials and also observational studies. Reviewers working independently and also in duplicate extracted the study characteristics, the quality of the included studies, and the outcomes that interest. Random impacts meta-analysis was used to pool the odds proportion (OR) indigenous the contained studies.

RESULTS: our meta-analysis based upon seven observational studies listed evidence the previous appendectomy is not linked with enhanced incidence the infertility in ladies (OR = 1.03, 0.86-1.24, P = 0.71). This recognize was more augmented by numerous noncomparative cohorts that debated the very same issue and reported nearly the exact same conclusion; however, these studies pointed toward putative negative impact of surgery for complicated appendicitis ~ above fertility. Our 2nd meta-analysis revealed the result of appendectomy top top ectopic pregnant was found to be far-reaching based on a pooled calculation from four studies (OR = 1.78, 95% trust interval = 1.46-2.16, P < 0.0001).

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CONCLUSIONS: Appendectomy is significantly linked with an raised risk that ectopic pregnancy but not significantly linked with future infertility in women.