No matter what wake up in this year election, president Donald trump has already made history in one way.

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While trump is the third president ever before to it is in impeached through the home of Representatives, he likely will be the first impeached chairman in background to be nominated by a politics party to run for re-election.

So, just how is this possible?

In short, the capacity of trumped — or any type of president who gets impeached, because that that matter — to seek re-election if impeached is entirely up come the Senate.

According to article I, section 3 of the United states Constitution, ”Judgment in situations of impeachment candlestick not expand further than to removal native office, and also disqualification come hold and also enjoy any type of office the honor, trust or benefit under the united States.”

The Senate could not just vote for impeachment and also subsequent removal native office through a 2/3 majority vote, yet it could likewise vote to ban Trump from ever running because that office again.


But even if the Senate convicts Trump and also removes the from office — i m sorry is unlikely in itself, due to the fact that unlike the House, the Republican Party stop a bulk in the Senate — they have the right to theoretically enable Trump to operation for office again and he could go on with his re-election bid as if nothing happened, as long as the is nominated together the Republican candidate again.

This was never a scenario because that the previous two presidents to it is in impeached by the House, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.

Johnson sought the democratic Party nomination in 1868, yet was bypassed in favor of Horatio Seymour.

Clinton was impeached in 1999 throughout his 2nd term and wasn’t allowed to operation for chairman again as result of term limits.

Both Johnson and Clinton were acquitted through the Senate, although Johnson proper escaped a removal indigenous office, as the poll to impeach in the Senate fell quick by one vote.

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