Don't lose hope: there's a method to uncover your favourite electronic tiny buddy, also if her phone is rotate off.

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If you’ve lost your phone, don’t panic. Both Android and also iPhones have actually tools that enable you to find your phone. That said, if your phone is rotate off, things deserve to be a little an ext complicated, particularly for those v an Android phone. Here’s exactly how to uncover your phone and also what to perform if that is lost. Uncover out which phone is most secure: iphone phone vs. Android.

How to uncover a lost iPhone

The uncover My iPhone tool is the best, easiest means to discover your iPhone. You’ll should go to discover My iphone phone on to accessibility the tool. As soon as you’re signed in, click on “All Devices.” Then, pick your lost phone indigenous the list. You’ll see a map show up on the display with the location of her phone. Here’s what to execute if her iPhone is lost or stolen.

How to discover a lost Android phone

An Android phone can be found through the Android machine Manager. To discover your phone, simply go come the discover My an equipment site and also log in utilizing the Google account the is connected with your phone. If friend have an ext than one phone, pick the lost phone in the menu at the peak of the screen. Then, the location of her phone will show up on the map.

If the map shows that her phone is nearby, click “Play Sound.” The device will begin ringing because that the following 5 minutes, even if that is collection to silent, to aid you discover it.

Can you monitor a phone call if it’s off?

iPhones deserve to still be discovered even once your phone is turned off. If you use the ar steps above, and also your call is offline, the map will show the last ar the call was before it walk offline. The site will send you an e-mail if/when your phone is rotate on again. Just pick the “Notify me when found” choice on the screen.

Unfortunately, Android phones must be on come be located using the steps above.

How can I lock my lost phone?

A lock display screen on her phone is among the finest ways to defend the information on her phone, advises Eric Florence, cybersecurity analyst in ~ SecurityTech. Lost Mode iPhone and Lock my Phone in Android an equipment Manager can lock her phone so the nosey world or thieves can not get accessibility to your exclusive photos, financial institution apps, or other crucial information.

If your iPhone phone is lost, you can lock your screen remotely, even if you don’t have a collection up. Here’s how:

Log in.

Click the device menu at the peak of the screen.

Choose your shed iPhone.

Click “Lost Mode.”

Choose a contact number.

Click “Next.”

Type a blog post that you desire someone to watch if they uncover your phone.

Click “Done.”

For Android phones, the discover My maker tool will certainly lock her phone and also let you collection up a, PIN, or sample if girlfriend don’t already have one. Here are the steps:

Log in utilizing the Google account the is associated with your phone.

If you have an ext than one phone, select it in the food selection at the optimal of the screen.

Click top top “Secure Device.”

Type in a message and also contact phone number that someone deserve to see to call you if they discover your phone.

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Click “Secure Device.”

It’s not simply your actual call you should be careful with—these space the four things a hacker can do with simply your phone number.


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