A mother’s love is selfless and also should be celebrated, on mom Day and every day. Maura Brighter, mommy of two, is the ultimate example of giving and what it means to be a dedicated mom. On may 16th, she is going come donate one of her kidneys to her boy Kevin, 19.

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Kevin with his mother, Maura, that was a enhance for his kidney transplant.

Kevin is Maura and her husband’s first child. In ~ 18 weeks pregnant, Maura’s doctors had concerns about her ultrasound, and also saw worries with Kevin’s kidneys. After Kevin was born, he was diagnosed with kidney disease. One of his kidneys had zero function. The other kidney had actually minimal function, but allowed him come live a life complimentary from dialysis for nearly three years. Kevin was provided for a kidney transplant shortly before his 3rd birthday, and also both that his parents were tested to it is in donors.

His mother and also father, Kevin Sr., were both matches. His father wanted to be his son’s donor, and also said to Maura, “You brought him into this world and now it’s mine turn.” Kevin’s kidney lasted for 17 healthy years, until this previous Christmas once the household knew that something to be wrong. Kevin began to experience far-ranging swelling and also had to go on dialysis due to the fact that his kidney to be failing.

Kevin is a junior at La Salle University and hasn’t permitted kidney condition and dialysis to slow-moving him down. He has always been active. Even when he remained in high school, he played baseball, functioned part-time and ran his school’s morning news program.

He has been ~ above dialysis for around four months, and also it hasn’t to be easy. His mommy is counting under the days till she deserve to donate her kidney and aid her son. Maura said, “People to speak what a wonderful point I’m law by donating, however I’m a mom and that’s what we do. This is what we’re intended to do – care for our children and make life much better for them.”

Kevin said, “When I very first found out that I had actually to go on dialysis and also someone would have to donate a kidney come me, ns felt yes, really bad. Ns glad the my mom can give me a component of her in this way. It means the human being to me. I’m so proud of her for going with it all. I’m really thankful for her.”


The Brighter family.

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Maura feels blessed to it is in able to help her son, and also that she is healthy sufficient to donate. The family’s youngest child, Grace, 17, likewise wanted to it is in Kevin’s donor, mirroring what a generous spirit the whole Brighter family members has.

Currently in Gift of Life’s region – the eastern fifty percent of PA, southerly NJ and also DE – there are much more than 5,400 men, women and also children awaiting a life-saving transplant. With an average of 22 world dying every day while waiting, the statistics space frightening. Maura said, “You can not take her organs through you when you die, for this reason why i will not ~ you want to assist someone in need. Recipients deserve to go on to live long, healthy and balanced lives. Ns think if human being really placed themselves in the instance of needing a transplant or watching who they love suffer, everyone would register.”

The Brighter family members has had actually an outpouring of assistance from your family, friends and neighbors in Northeast Philadelphia’s Torresdale neighborhood. “Something prefer this yes, really brings world closer. Everyone has been so good to us. Youngsters that Kevin prospered up with arranged a Donor Dash team this year for him. They witnessed him prosper up and also know him. They check out what he is going through and also they wanted to help. They raised money and also it was so sweet to check out them do that because that him.”