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This way that if a mail carrier refuses come take your package, it's regularly not because they don't want to help. Africa Studio/Shutterstock former mail transport Miguel Cairo told that most mail carrier can"t stand once people shot to hand them outgoing packages at the door.

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"I hated as soon as this happened. Unless you have a prepaid label, there is naught a carrier have the right to do to acquire your package to its destination since they cannot accept payment," claimed Cairo.

You can increase the chances of your carrier acquisition the thoreau if you apply a prepaid label or sign up because that the free package pickup, yet some companies do not enable carriers to do this company at all.


It's likely not the mail carrier's fault. REUTERS/Srdjan Zivulovic

Misiu the Palatine, Illinois, who has actually opted to not usage his real name for privacy factors ( confirmed his identity), has worked as a mail transport for much more than 20 years.

He said that as soon as a parcel doesn"t come on time, it"s commonly the fault of the sender, not the letter carrier.

"I dislike when customers rudely ask me around a supposedly missing package or reference me for shedding it. In most cases, the "missing" package was just mailed and is in transit, which lock would know if they provided the listed tracking number," said Misiu.

Online package-tracking solutions can likewise prematurely mark a package as "delivered" once the package is actually scheduled for distribution later the day. In this cases, it"s always best to contact your local write-up office or call customer service before confronting her mail carrier about the issue.


This is specifically important once weather conditions aren't ideal. Ed Andrieski/AP photograph

Being home for a reserved delivery and also answering the door conveniently are the most an important things anyone deserve to do come make certain their parcel is received as expected, Cairo told

"When civilization don"t answer the door because that a package or follow the carrier down after they"ve left, it renders the carrier"s job harder since they have to process the parcel again. As basic as it may seem, comment the door is the one point I evaluate the most," claimed Cairo.

If you recognize you won"t be residence to receive a package, rescheduling the distribution online or calling the article office have the right to save your mail transport time and also effort.


The USPS renders money v the sale of postage, products, and also other services. john Gress/Reuters

Despite gift a service that has actually been authorized through the united state constitution, the United states Postal company (USPS) receives zero taxation dollars in funding. That way taxpayers room not responsible because that the incomes of postal workers.

"People"s taxes execute not pay mine salary," stated Misiu. All of the revenue produced by the USPS comes from the revenue of postage, products, and services.

the doesn't hurt to wave. Joe Raedle / Getty images

Mail carriers an alert if customers don"t ever acknowledge them,especially if lock regularly provide mail to the same address.

"One thing I really dislike is when human being ignore me every day and do not respond to mine greetings, also though they know who i am since I to be their consistent mailman," claimed Misiu.

Though they are on the job, mail carriers always appreciate when civilization wave or thank them for your work.

friend may know that her pet is friendly, yet your mail carrier doesn't. Shutterstock

Cairo explained that unleashed dogs deserve to be serious stressful for mail carriers.

"I love dogs, but most mail handlers hate as soon as the first thing they view is a dog running to the door. It"s even worse they space in the yard and also barking. Relying on the dog, it deserve to be a really scary feeling," stated Cairo.

Cairo claimed that many mail carriers evaluate when people keep your pets (even trusted ones) contained or leashed when they"re expecting a mail delivery.

Although it counts on the item and also policy, occasionally leaving a package on a doorstep is against the rules because that mail carriers.

part packages need a signature. Lynne Sladky/AP images

Mail carriers know it"s not funny to view a missed-delivery slip taped to your door, however they"re not withholding her package by choice. If a package requires a signature to be delivered, mail carrier cannot just leave it at your door.

"It"s frustrating when civilization are not home to accept packages and they acquire angry at me because that leaving a missed-delivery slip. Carriers are not enabled to leaving packages, especially in apartment buildings," stated Misiu.

One the the best reasons is if a carrier pipeline a package outside a residence or business, they may get in problem if the package is subsequently damaged or stolen before the recipient collection it.

It makes mail carriers' tasks easier. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Looking come make your mail carrier"s day? Emptying the end your mailbox is a an excellent place come start.

"Please empty your mailbox regularly. If it"s as well full, ns cannot leave any much more mail because that you. If you room on vacation, request a mail hold so that I can save all her mail in ~ the short article office and not shot and fit it all into your mailbox," stated Misiu.

Making sure your mail is held at the short article office is additionally a smart method to save your house safe when you"re away, as a pile of unopened mail might alert potential burglars to the fact that no one is home.

Postal employees love when customers express your appreciation and also gratitude, particularly when the weather is rough.

Sometimes giving a mail carrier a warmth cup of tea can make their day. Spencer Platt / Getty photos

They may just be doing your jobs, but that doesn"t average mail carrier don"t appreciate when customers go out of their way to make their work easier and also show their gratitude.

"One of the nicest things anyone has ever before done for me is to sell some tea on a really cold day. I also always appreciated as soon as people offered water or provided a tip, though tipping isn"t urged by my company," claimed Cairo.

Don't assume they will, though. Paul Sakuma/AP photo

If a letter or package is sent out without enough postage, it"s approximately the recipient to salary the absent postage prior to they are enabled to collect the mail.

In these cases, her mail carrier may actually wind increase footing the invoice for you.

"A most mail carriers, including me personally, sheathe stamp prices for letter that has actually insufficient postage. It is less complicated for me to salary 55 cents fairly than leave notes and also make my customers go to the write-up office to collection their piece of mail," claimed Misiu.

In the event that a recipient refuses to pay the needed postage, the item is commonly sent all the way back come the sender for additional postage before being shipped earlier to the recipient.

Rather than transferring the exact same item three times or more, the mail carrier may simply decide to pay the difference themselves.

Be certain to check with the company that's mailing her package. Elaine Thompson/AP photograph

If the tracking details for your digital order claims that no signature is required, you may still need to sign to receive your package. That"s because signature delivery is actually an additional, paid business requested by the sender.

"What could look choose "no signature required" come a customer might not be correct. I perform what mine scanner asks me come do. If it asks because that a signature, climate you have to sign it. Otherwise, her carrier will acquire in trouble," said Misiu.

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It"s constantly best to make an effort to be residence for parcel deliveries, whether or not your stimulate information indicates that a signature is required.