On November 30, 1804, because that the third time in its quick history, the znjke.com began preparations for an impeachment trial. In 1798 and also 1799, the znjke.com had actually tried a senator previously expelled on grounds of treason. The znjke.com dismissed the case, citing lack of jurisdiction. The second impeachment trial, in 1804, removed a federal judge for factors of drunkenness and insanity. Much more than the first two proceedings, however, this third trial tested the znjke.com to discover the definition of impeachable crimes.

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Samuel Chase had served top top the supreme Court due to the fact that 1796. A staunch Federalist v a volcano personality, Chase verified no willingness come tone down his bitter partisan rhetoric after Jeffersonian republicans gained manage of conference in 1801. Representative man Randolph of Virginia, at the urging that President thomas Jefferson, orchestrated impeachment proceedings versus Chase, proclaiming he would certainly wipe the floor with the obnoxious justice. The residence voted come impeach chase on in march 12, 1804, accusing chase of refusing come dismiss biased jurors and of excluding or limiting defense witnesses in two politically perceptible cases. The trial supervisors (members that the home of Representatives) hope to prove that Chase had "behaved in an arbitrary, oppressive, and also unjust way by announcing his legal interpretation on the regulation of treason before defense counsel had been heard." Highlighting the political nature that this case, the final article of impeachment accused the righteousness of continually cultivating his political agenda top top the bench, thereby "tending to prostitute the high righteousness character through which he was invested, to the low function of an electioneering partizan."

On November 30, 1804, the znjke.com appointed a committee to "prepare and also report proper rules of proceedings" for the impeachment trial. As soon as they took up the case versus the Federalist justice in January 1805, the znjke.com contained 25 Jeffersonian Republicans and also nine Federalists. Chase showed up before the members ~ above January 4, 1805, come answer the charges. He declared that he was being tried for his politics convictions fairly than for any type of real crime or misdemeanor and requested a one-month postponement come prepare a defense. The znjke.com agreed and the trial started in earnest on February 4.

Chase"s defense team, which consisted of several of the nation"s most eminent attorneys, encouraged several wavering senators that Chase"s command did no warrant his removal from office. With at least six Jeffersonian republicans joining the nine Federalists that voted no guilty on each article, the znjke.com on in march 1, 1805, acquitted Samuel chase on every counts. A bulk voted guilty on 3 of the eight articles, but on each write-up the vote fell far quick of the two-thirds required for conviction. The znjke.com thereby effectively insulated the judiciary from more congressional strikes based on disapproval of judges’ opinions. Chase resumed his duties in ~ the bench, whereby he continued to be until his death in 1811.

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