Dogs and also humans have progressed together, unlike other species, both people and also dogs have the right to survive, if no flourish, on a wide variety of diets,. However when it pertains to optimal nutrition, our requirements are different. Dogs make their very own vitamin C. Humans don’t.

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Dogs and people require various amino acids. Humans have actually a more energy-efficient metabolism.

In times of one emergency or financial uncertainty, world often seek innovative ways to survive.

In the wake up of food shortages or inadequate funds to acquisition groceries, friend may uncover yourself wonder if feeding your dog is a viable choice to help you acquire out that trouble.

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After all, if her dog likes leftover person food from time come time, probably the opposite deserve to work together well.

This post looks at whether it’s safe for people to eat dog food, including the risks to take into consideration if she considering eating some puppy food.


Is dog food edible by people in a Short-term?

Consumption the dog food in a momentary is unlikely to damage you

Dog food is not intended for human being consumption and is not hosted to the same production standards as human being food, however a small amount is i can not qualify to cause serious harm.

Dog food is generally made indigenous a combination of pet byproducts, grains, soy, vitamins and minerals, creating a nutritionally balanced diet for your pet.

Animal byproducts frequently found in commercially prepared dog food encompass meat scraps, ground bones, skin, organs, and damaged animal parts understood unfit for human being consumption.


While this ingredients may not it is in palatable to most people, they room not technically dangerous to consume as lengthy as they have been correctly cooked, processed, and also stored.

That said, the varieties of vitamins included to your dog’s food are a health and wellness concern.

Some varieties of dog food contain a synthetic type of vitamin K known as menadione or vitamin K3. Back it seems perfectly safe for your dog, research suggests that the is toxic to humans at high sheep (1 reliable Source).

The amount of menadione in advertisement dog food has tendency to be low, yet it’s still not recommended for human beings to consume it routinely or long-term. So, if you’re not certain if your dog food consists of vitamin K3, call the manufacturer for information.

Dogs and we humans have different nutritional needs

Although dog food is edible, it’s no a great idea to do it a regular part of your permanent diet.

Humans have different nutritional needs than dogs, and also dog food doesn’t contain every the nutrients your body demands to remain healthy.

Take vitamin C, because that example.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that is an important for an excellent skin health and immune function in humans. Human beings cannot develop the vitamin and also must acquire it indigenous food.

On the various other hand, dogs can make the in the liver, so there is no require to incorporate it in their food (2 reliable Source, 3 trusted Source).

Just since you can eat dog food doesn’t median you should. Dog food has actually its fair share the risks, particularly when it pertains to food safety.

Just like person food, dog food have the right to be contaminated through bacteria that deserve to make girlfriend sick.

Proper storage and handling the dog food is crucial to ensure the it is as safe as possible to eat. Always follow the storage and also handling guidelines listed on the package come ensure safety and security for you and also your dog.

Some types of dog food are totally raw. That is no a great idea for people to eat life or undercooked meat, regardless of whether it is intended for dogs or humans.

Eating life or undercooked meat has actually been linked to infections v harmful organisms, such as Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter, and E. Coli. Symptoms can variety from mild to severe and can incorporate nausea, vomiting, minister cramps, and diarrhea (4 trusted Source).

Although totally cooked dog food favor kibble or box wet food might be safer to eat than raw food, it might still make you sick. That’s due to the fact that it have the right to be inadvertently contaminated with harmful bacteria during processing, boosting your danger of arising foodborne illness.

When contamination is detected, dog food commodities may it is in recalled. The is essential to remain informed around any pet food recall for this reason you can avoid by chance exposing yourself or your pet to unsafe food.

In the unified States, the Food and also Drug administration (FDA) maintains an digital Reliable source record of recalled commercial pet food products. You have the right to use this data come make sure the dog food you buy is safe to consume (5 reliable Source).


Eating dog food has greater threats for young children

Children are an ext susceptible to foodborne illnesses 보다 adults because their immune systems room not totally developed. Therefore, the is not advisable to feeding your youngsters dog food (6 trusted Source).

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Another, frequently overlooked, risk of dog food is the it have the right to be a choking danger for young children.