walk ahead, despite Tampax probably won’t walk for the marketing idea. Plus, porn purity pledges for Mormons.

through Dan Savage


QI"m sorry around sending this letter to you via snail mail. I don"t desire to send an email because I"d quite not have actually a document of this life forever on part server somewhere.

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About 6 months ago, ~ watching mine girlfriend insert a tampon, ns asked if I might do it for her next time. She thought it to be an weird request yet agreed. After "helping" a couple of times, the conversation turned to what the felt prefer to stay one. Her an answer was, "Want to shot one yourself?"

With her help---and a small lube---soon there to be a string hanging out of mine butt. This has actually now end up being a constant feature of ours sex life. And if this is not strange enough, I have actually now started doing this once I masturbate alone. I in reality went out and got my very own box that tampons (Tampax Pearl Plastic regular are the best, they"re the most basic to insert) which I save hidden.

I have actually a couple of questions:

1. Why do I acquire such a euphoric feeling as soon as I pull the tampon out as soon as I"m coming? go it have something to perform with mine prostate?

2. Am i doing any damage come myself?

3. Just just how deviant is this practice?

4. Do you think I could sell the idea to Tampax as a whole brand-new market segment? --The Ass Man"s strange Anal Xccentricity

A 1. The tampon in your ass swells as it absorbs lube and also rectal mucus and whatever else, TAMPAX, and also stimulates---yes indeed---your prostate together it swells. Yanking the tampon out once you"re coming further stimulates her prostate at the exact moment it"s being zapped by orgasmic contractions---contractions that involve her anal sphincter, i m sorry you"re likewise stimulating as you yank. A target plug would carry out you v the exact same sensations---well, the specific same physical sensations. Component of the tampon-related thrill for you, i suspect, is the gender-transgression element of this. You"re not simply penetrating yourself, TAMPAX, you"re penetrating yourself through an absorbent feminine talisman. No all males who enjoy anal penetration are interested in being symbolically feminized---ahem---but clearly you are, TAMPAX.

2. Mine hunch: As long as you"re using lube and not leave "em in because that days in ~ a time, you must be fine. And also a medical experienced I consulted---who wished to remain anonymous (he didn"t want his name attached forever to anal tampon beat on part server somewhere, either)---backed me up. "This would certainly pose zero risk," states my medical expert. "Medically, there"s nothing rather to say around it."

3. Once it comes to human sexuality, TAMPAX, deviation from imaginary and also tyrannical "norms" is the norm.

4. Seeing as condom manufacturers quiet refuse to market their assets for anal sex---or directly to happy men---the odds the Tampax will relocate aggressively into the straight-dudes-with-strings-hanging-out-of-their-butts sector seems pretty slim.

QI had a conversation end lunch v a gay friend who is into BDSM as a dominant. That told me he"s "coaching" a novice dom, a young straight other who doesn"t have much experience but who is into an extremely heavy bondage and also "some stuff that is potentially dangerous." My friend warned him away from the attention stuff and is coaching him on safer and also saner pursuits. The amazing thing, however, is that, every little thing they do, they should both be totally clothed at all times. The reason? The young other is LDS, i.e., Mormon. For most people, BDSM is inescapably tied increase (no pun intended) with sexuality, yet leave it come a Mormon to attempt to de-eroticize erotic bondage!

Pornography, at the same time (also no pun intended), is a serious plague destroying the ethical fibre the this country. Yet not to worry: Deseret Book, the Mormon Church"s posting arm, has emerged the "Clean & safe Media Pledge." You"re supposed to download it, print it out, sign it, and put it close to your computer. Climate you don"t need to worry about porn ever again! --Latter work Taint

A There"s a lot of cross-orientation play in the BDSM scene this days, LDT, i beg your pardon has come to be less sexually segregated with every passing year. Skills are skills: an inexperienced directly bondage top have the right to learn a lot indigenous a happy bondage expert. The experience may be less erotic, or less intense, 보다 being tied increase by who you"re physically and emotionally attracted to, that course, but it is tho erotic---street garments and/or magic underpants notwithstanding.

As because that the Mormon Church"s "Clean & for sure Media Pledge," LDT, that seems to work around as well together those purity pledges taken by plenty of unwed teenager moms. Utah has actually the greatest per capita online-porn intake rates in the country.

QI recently had a delightful evening out on the town through a friend of mine. Things got a little out of hand and both of us drank a little amount the a female bartender"s urine. I would certainly say that was about one ounce each. Us were pretty drunk, and also I"m not rather sure what led up to it. Ns think ns was trying come prove something. I think us were make the efforts to present how "badass" we were. The sounds yes, really goddamn stupid as soon as I type it out. The urine to be clear and also it had tiny taste, but now i am concerned about the wellness risks. What kind of diseases might I contract? I simply really don"t want to acquire hepatitis or something. --Worried around Server"s Piss

A You have the right to scratch "drink a arbitrarily bartender"s piss" off your bucket list, WASP, however everyone else out there reading has to add it come theirs.

Drinking urine presents no danger of HIV infection and also low come no hazard for just about everything save cooties. Hepatitis is blood-borne, and if over there wasn"t any blood in her bartender"s urine—and if girlfriend didn"t have any kind of cuts or open sores in her mouth—then you more than likely don"t have actually anything to concern about.

But you understand what? You"re walk to problem regardless, WASP, till you know for certain that girlfriend didn"t capture anything. Therefore go view a doctor and get your bad ass tested.

QYour maple-syrup fetishist from critical week—the male who had actually to smell maple syrup to obtain off—should discover someone that is working on she milk it is provided or yes, really likes fenugreek. While i was trying come nurse my son, ns took fenugreek—an herb that helps with milk production—and, by God, i smelled choose a Waffle house in all the vital places. Sadly, mine husband did no share ORGASM"s kink and was in reality a tiny bit alarmed in ~ my eau-de-pancakes aroma.--Intriguingly warm Odorous Pussy

A thanks for the tip, IHOP. And you weren"t the just reader v a tip for someone whose letter ran in last week"s column.

Seeking servant Food"s mistress want to deny him the pleasures the food, and he was in search of a "slop" that was "highly nutritious however as bland-tasting as possible." i urged him to patronize vegetable restaurants where he lives—much come the consternation of the vegans. (Apparently, vegans are prejudiced against BDSMers and also don"t want to dine with them—who knew?) yet readers said that SSF shot Nutraloaf, "a food served in United claims prisons come inmates who have demonstrated far-reaching behavioral issues," follow to the Wiki page. And my readers had lots of proposal for the man who want to discover straight porn for his iPhone: www.mobileboner.com, www.pornhub.com, www.tube8.com, www.thehun.com, www.americansfortruth.com, and www.spankwire.com.

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Savage Love: It"s around people helping people... Smell favor maple syrup, prevent vegan restaurants, and also porn out their iPhones.