Perfect because that fans the Samantha Irby and Trick Mirror, a funny, whip-smart repertoire of an individual essays trying out the intersection of queerness, relationships, popular music culture, the internet, and also identity, presenting one of the most undeniably original new voices today.Jill Gutowitz’s life—for much better and worse—has constantly been on a collision course through pop culture. There’s the moment the FBI showed up at her door because of other she tweeted around Game that Thrones. The pop songs that have actually been the soundtrack come the worst moments of her life. And of course, the key day when Orange Is the new Black hit the airwaves and broke under the door come Jill’s own sexuality. In these honest examinations of identity, desire, and also self-worth, Jill explores perhaps the most monumental cultural shift of ours lifetimes: the mainstreaming the lesbian culture. Dusting off her own an individual traumas and artifacts of she not-so-distant youth she examines exactly how pop society acts together a fun home mirror reflecting and refracting our values—always teaching, distracting, disappointing, and also revealing us. Girls deserve to Kiss now is a fresh and also intoxicating blend of an individual stories, spicy observations, and laugh-out-loud humor. This timely repertoire of essays helps us make feeling of our collective pop-culture past even as that points the method toward a joyous, uproarious, near—and an extremely queer—future.

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About The Author


Tucker Leary
Jill Gutowitz

Jill Gutowitzis a writer from new Jersey. Her writing has showed up in publications such together The new Yorker, Vanity Fair, Vulture, and also more. She stays in Los Angeles v her partner and a very tiny cat.

Publisher: Atria books (March 8, 2022) Length: 240 pages ISBN13: 9781982158507

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“Ever-hilarious and also insightful...Gutowitz explores how lesbianism went mainstream.” —Bustle, The many Anticipated publications Of 2022

"Incisive and funny…Gutowitz blends candid reflections on the experience of gift closeted with witty evaluation on how the media influence one’s tardy of the world. Pan of the an individual essay will be passionate to see what Gutowitz does next.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Shines v humor, vulnerability, and also poignancy...formally inventive and searingly personal...A witty essay collection around pop society and queerness.” —Kirkus Reviews

"Readers that recall where they to be – due to the fact that these iconic moments to be lifechanging – when Orange is the brand-new Black debuted or once paparazzi images of Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson arguing were released will taste re-living their importance with Gutowitz." —Booklist

"Every single sentence glitters, quivers, and also shakes v a sort of unhinged lesbian brilliance that is both wickedly funny and also deeply self-aware. GIRLS can KISS currently is not just the gayest book of essays I’ve ever read — it’s one of the best." —Gabrielle Korn, author of Everybody (Else) is Perfect 

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"Jill Gutowitz"s brain is full of lightning bolts. I loved every indigenous of this hilarious and heartfelt book." —Diablo Cody, award-winning screenwriter and also author of Candy Girl 

“GIRLS can KISS now snaps, crackles and also pops with sharp one-liners and also biting wit. But once Gutowitz deftly uses her encyclopedic expertise of pop society to interrogate her own personal history and partnership to her queerness, her prose get a level the depth and tenderness the left me reeling through emotion. 10/10. You must read this book if you"re gay, human, or both.” —Ryan O"Connell, author of I"m Special and Just by Looking in ~ Him