Note: This is influenced from the TV collection "Designated Survivor", talking around the character "Moss". The is a former president, to run again.

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Prior to the i of the twenty-second amendment, Grover Cleveland served non-consecutive state (and Franklin Delano Roosevelt served four terms). So plainly it was legal then.

The active section of the amendment"s message is:

Section 1. No person shall be elected to the office that the President more than twice, and also no person who has actually held the office that President, or acted as President, for more than two years that a term to which part other human being was chosen President shall be elected to the office that the President an ext than once.

Section 2 is just about when the amendment will be thought about ratified. The was satisfied, so us don"t should care around that or the unquoted section of ar 1 (the one human covered under that is now dead).

So no human shall it is in elected much more than twice. Nor might a human being who was raised to the office from the vice-presidency because that at least two year be elected an ext than once. The amendment claims nothing around consecutive terms. It applies whether the human being wants a third consecutive term or a non-consecutive term.

There is some dispute around whether someone could be appointed vice president after serving more than six years together president, as that wouldn"t be elected. If so, presumably that person could serve virtually four years. However there"s an debate that that should not it is in allowed. That debate says the someone who has been chairman is no longer eligible or standard to it is in president. Which renders sense however is not just how the amendments precise read.

The simple problem over there is that the twenty-second amendment speak only about election and also doesn"t prohibit world in the line of succession from acquisition office. Meanwhile, the twenty-fifth add to a new technique of meeting for evil presidents there is no clarifying whether such appointees are restricted by the twenty-second amendment.

The problem is usually over even if it is they should read the provisions literally, in which case this is a loophole. Or should they naturally prolong the miscellaneous provisions to come up with a reasonable system, in which case they"d make some new rule, prefer no one who has already served six years or more as president is standard to end up being president again.

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In which case this would be a presidential qualification and no one can be appointed or chosen vice president that didn"t accomplish it.