TITLES favor ‘prince’, ‘duke’ and ‘earl’ aren’t just fancy names given to royals and also their prolonged family members.

They belong to a ranking system for brothers nobility well-known as the peerage. Here's what you should know.

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Prince Harry took on the title of duke of Sussex after ~ his marital relationship to Meghan MarkleCredit: Getty images - Getty

What is the peerage system and also which title belong come it?

The peerage is a legit system comprised of both hereditary and also lifetime titles.

It’s made up of various noble ranks, creating what is known as the brothers honours system.

The five feasible titles because that men, ranked from highest to lowest, are: duke, marquess, earl, viscount, and also baron.

But over and at the height of the peerage mechanism are the royals - here’s what each of the title means.


His Majesty King George by means of in 1937Credit: Alamy


Regardless the gender, the only method to it is in the monarch of the country is to inherit the title.

If the king is a man, he goes by the title of king, yet the husband the a female monarch does not gain the title of king — instead he becomes a prince.

Typically the eldest child of the reigning king takes top top the role on the death of the present King or Queen, or if the position is abdicated.


Prince George sitting exterior Kensington palace in late November 2014Credit: Handout - Getty


In the UK, the husband that the reigning queen is dubbed a prince, as is their male children, grandchildren, good grandchildren and also so forth.

However if a princess marries, she husband will not be dubbed a prince as they would certainly if she ended up being Queen.

All members the the Royal family should be addressed “His/Her royal Highness” while the Queen have to be addressed through “Your Majesty”.

William and also Kate's three kids all have actually Prince and also Princess titles.

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But your cousin Archie is being increased as a exclusive citizen - so will well-known by his surname Mountbatten-Windsor and not together Prince Archie.