Dolphins and also sharks it seems to be ~ like herbal adversaries. They live in the very same places, room often comparable in size, and also often complete for the same foods. What’s more, we tend to think that dolphins as friendly towards humans and also sharks together dangerous predators the humans. However are they evenly matched? that seems favor a provided that sharks can kill dolphins, yet can a dolphin death a shark?

Can a Dolphin death a Shark?

A single Bottlenose Dolphin is no complement for a single good White Shark if they went head to head, yet they don’t. Big Sharks don’t yes, really mess v dolphins, and also dolphins only attack sharks in groups.

The inquiry isn’t really that simple, though. There room thousands of shark species, and while some are enormous, others space tiny. Some types of shark are common prey items for dolphins.

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Likewise there room many varieties of dolphins, some are small and some space pretty large. The largest dolphin, i m sorry is in reality a toothed-whale, is the Orca (Killer Whale) and is bigger than a great White Shark. Orcas are regularly referred to as the wolves of the sea and often feeds on great Whites.

How dolphins Fight Sharks

While the substantial orcas deserve to use their brute strength and sharp teeth to take it on also the biggest sharks, many dolphins have to use other methods. Dolphin snouts are constructed like damaging rams, and also that’s specifically how they’ll usage them.

Dolphins will certainly ram sharks in ~ high speed, making use of their sturdy, bony snouts to reason massive inner injuries.They specifically target the sharks underbelly and also gills, whereby they deserve to do the most damage. The whole pod will coordinate their assaults so the the shark isn’t able come fight earlier effectively, and also these attacks can easily kill many sharks.

Strength in Numbers

That’s why dolphins don’t take trip alone. Dolphin pods room tightly-knit family members groups with complex social frameworks and complex communication. Together, they can spot threats much an ext easily, and also warn each other around predators nearby.


Killer Whales are fearsome predators, and some of them it seems ~ to specialize in shark hunting. They execute this by flipping the sharks onto your back, i beg your pardon immobilizes them. They’ll normally eat the shark’s liver, which is affluent in nutrients, and also leave the rest of the shark come sink come the bottom the the ocean.

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Dolphins usage their smarts and also their social skills to overwhelm sharks, and also they’re one of the few animals in the ocean that deserve to truly go toe-to-toe, or fin-to-fin, with sharks and also expect to win. That doesn’t always go their way, but dolphins can and do kill sharks.