Richard R. Barron | The Ada news leader Jake Randolph created to The Ada News with a concern for Oklahoma room of Wildlife Conservation game Wardens. ODWC game Warden Ty Runyan gives an official answer.

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leader Jake Randolph composed to The Ada News with a question for Oklahoma department of Wildlife Conservation video game wardens.

“Is there any kind of truth to a rumor that convicted felons can own one rifle for hunting? And, what around crossbows?” Randolph asked.

ODWC video game Warden Ty Runyan put the rumor come rest, officially.

“This rumor is, in fact, untrue,” Runyan said. “According come state (law) and also the Gun regulate Act the 1968, it is unlawful for any person judge of a felony to ship, transport, possess, get or purchase any kind of firearm or ammunition.”

When it pertains to crossbows, however, Runyan claimed the price is no so clear.

“When it pertains to crossbows, the stipulation depends on the convicted person’s regards to probation or release,” Runyan said. “If you space a convicted felon wishing come hunt through a bow or muzzleloader, it’s your obligation to look up her terms (of probation or parole) come make certain you know whether you’re allowed to very own or possess these weapons.”

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