Flying high-performance fighter jets usually calls for years the training and successful navigating of military bureaucracy. Best now, it just requires about $8.5 million to buy a fully operational F-16 fighter that’s on revenue in Florida. That’s perhaps a little simplistic — you’d additionally have come adhere come onerous federal government regulations the control accessibility to armed forces aircraft. In essence, it would cost much more than the questioning price to have actually your own fighter jet. Yet hey, opportunities like this don’t come along often. 

Military vehicles and aircraft do sometimes hit the auction block, however these are virtually always demilitarized. Every the high-tech systems that beat a role in modern war-fighting room removed, and engineers permanently disable any kind of weapon platforms. The F-16 because that sale via JetLease is still fully intact. 

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There space actually three similar jets for sale, i m sorry a buyer can obtain as a solitary lot if they desire their own small air force. These room so-called F-16AM and also BM Block 20 Mid-Life-Update (MLU) jets. Lock were most recently flown through Jordan, which purchased numerous second-hand battle aircraft from NATO countries like Belgium and also the Netherlands over the past few decades. These aircraft (built in the at an early stage 1980s) have been serviced to ensure they have the right to fly for at the very least 8,000 much more hours, and they have actually a maximum speed of Mach 2.05 (1,573 miles every hour). 

The plane still have actually their progressed military equipment intact. The the person who lives gets a Link16 wireless datalink system, which army units use to relay tactical data in nearly real-time. The cockpits are likewise night vision-compatible and support the joint Helmet placed Cueing mechanism (JHMCS). That’s a heads-up display that supplies magnetic trackers come synchronize the pilot’s head activities with aim sensors top top the aircraft. The data-bus for modern guided tools is tho in place, as well. 


It’s no unheard of for the ultra-rich come buy decommissioned military aircraft, however these jets will certainly come with extr hurdles. Due to the fact that they still have actually military capabilities, the buyer has to comply through the us government’s ITARS (International website traffic in eight Regulations) rules. It’s i can not qualify a single wealthy individual would have the ability to get the crucial certifications. JetLEase is marketing the planes for contractor air company firms that work with the government. 

The F-16 has been a workhorse the NATO air pressures for the critical 40 years, with an ext than 4,000 built. As federal governments increasingly move to much more advanced 5th-generation fighters, fighters favor these can pop up because that sale with raising regularity. You far better start conserving your pennies now.

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