If you’ve seen a 2021 Polaris Slingshot rolling under the road, you recognize it is just one of the wackiest vehicles around. Regardless of looking like a blast come drive, the concern of security becomes a serious concern. Since this Polaris falls somewhere in-between a car and a motorcycle, that doesn’t need to have critical safety aspects such as airbags.

If you’re considering one of these three-wheeled vehicles, this particular day we’ll it is in looking in ~ what security systems the Slingshot offers, how safe the is, and whether or no it is a worthy buy given its price.

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How for sure is the 2021 Polaris Slingshot?


2021 Polaris Slingshot | Polaris

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Despite the lack of crucial safety features, the 2021 Polaris Slingshot does sell some safety systems onboard. Due to the fact that this three-wheeled motorcycle tips the scales at roughly 1,743 pounds, girlfriend don’t need massive brakes to avoid it efficiently. Regardless of this, you obtain ABS as typical on all Slingshot models. This have to make it much harder because that novice vehicle drivers to lock the behind wheel.

The 2021 Polaris Slingshot is it is provided by a naturally-aspirated 2.0-liter engine developing 178 hp. Also with this fairly low strength output, it have the right to be easy to overwhelm the behind wheel and lose traction. To avoid this, Polaris gave the Slingshot traction control. As a result, it need to be much easier to save this vehicle in shape throughout hard driving.

Regardless that these security systems, the is worth discussing that over there is no method to compare just how a Slingshot stacks approximately a normal vehicle since there space no main crash tests. Simply remember that you’re in an open-top, three-wheeled car with no airbags.

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How much does that cost?

If you’ve made decision that the 2021 Polaris Slingshot is for you, then here is just how much that costs. The range starts through the base Slingshot S for $19,999. When this is the base model, girlfriend still gain the exact same powertrain together all other trim levels, make it just as quick. Including the modern technology Package 1 bump up the basic price come $23,999, however you gain an upgraded infotainment system.

For $26,699, you obtain the Slingshot SL which functions upgraded repaint colors and also a nicer Rockford Fosgate audio system. In ~ the top of the range, you have actually the R because that $31,299 and also the R restricted Edition because that $32,799. Together you’d expect, this range-topping trims market the nicest features, such together Apple CarPlay, paddle shifters, lighter wheels, and exclusive colors. Regardless of i beg your pardon you go for, they are all bound to administer a distinctive experience.