The nationwide Park service released image that show the carcass of one American alligator the was virtually swallowed by a Burmese python.

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Park officials uncovered the pet carcasses in a remote part of Everglades national Park, in south Miami-Dade, Florida, top top Monday, Sept. 26, 2005. It shows up that the 13-foot long Burmese python attempted come swallow the six-foot alligator prior to its stomach ruptured, leading to the deaths the both animals.

American alligators are indigenous to the Everglades, if the Burmese python is not. Like plenty of other alien types in Florida, the Burmese python today has an established populations in Florida’s wildlands, wherein is eats native types and causes ecological damage.


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Chupacabra story is a hoax; likely a Xolo dog breed (Nov 1, 2007)An alleged chupacabra carcass discovered in Texas is likely a hoax to offer T-shirts speak dog experts. The animal, explained in an linked Press report critical week together “a cross in between two or three different things”, was found as roadway kill critical month close to the Texas town of Cuero. The mrs who discovered the carcass has actually been utilizing it to market chupacabra T-shirts. In lively internet discussions dog breeders to speak the carcass appears to be that of a Xoloitzcuintle or Xolo, otherwise recognized as a mexican Hairless dog, rather than the blood-sucking creature of legend.

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Scientists in Australia’s dry north are collecting blood indigenous crocodiles in the expect of developing a an effective antibiotic because that humans, ~ tests verified that the reptile’s immune device kills the HIV virus. The crocodile’s immune device is much an ext powerful 보다 that of humans, staying clear of life-threatening epidemic after savage ar fights which regularly leave the animals with gaping wounds and absent limbs.

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A new weapon in the battle versus HIV may come from an unusual resource — a tiny tropical frog. Investigators at Vanderbilt university Medical facility reported this month in the journal of Virology the compounds secreted by frog skin are potent blockers the HIV infection.

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A baby two-headed turtle was discovered in Havana, Cuba ~ above a river bank in the city forest. According to researchers of the regional aquarium that inspected the animal, the turtle shows up to be in great health.