"No one who has actually met the criteria for brain death has ever survived," professional says

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A human being who is mind dead may show up alive – there might be a heartbeat, they might look like they’re breathing, your skin may still be warm to the touch.

but doctors say over there is no life when mind activity ceases.

doctors in Oakland, California, claimed 13-year-old Jahi McMath to be mind dead ~ above December 12, three days after ~ she underwent a tonsillectomy and also adenoidectomy. The McMath household fought in court to store the teen on a ventilator, and also announced Monday the they had moved the girl to another care facility.

While household attorney Christopher Dolan said reporters the for she safety, Jahi’s destination won’t be announced, a brand-new York facility claimed Sunday the was ready to expropriate her.


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On the morning that Monday, December 9, Nailah and her mommy Sandy Chatman, take it Jahi come Oakland Children"s Hospital. Chatman, Jahi"s grandmother, is a nurse in Kaiser Oakland"s surgery Department v over 30 years of endure in the clinical field. On the day she took an active role in city hall the progress of she granddaughter. "After the surgical procedure she (Jahi) to be fine. She went into the recovery room. She was alert and talking and she was asking for a popsicle since she claimed her throat hurt. As component of the procedure, she was meant to invest the night in ICU," claimed Sealey. "When she gained moved come ICU there was a 30 minute wait until any type of family member might go watch her. Top top entry they experienced that there was method too much blood." "She lost 4 pints of blood. She had actually to have four blood transfusions. She had actually two litters of blood pumped the end of she lungs, not including what was in her stomach," claimed Sealey. "There was an huge amount that blood and we store asking is this normal? Some nurses said i don"t know and also some claimed yes. There to be a lot of uncertainty and also a lack of urgency." Dr. Thebner described complications deserve to arise during a tonsillectomy due to the fact that the affected area is highly vascular meaning that there space a the majority of blood ship in the area. "Anytime you enter surgery that is inexplicable to have these complications, however they room real in spite of the fact that they room low risk," stated Dr. Thebner. "This to be a extremely unusual complication."Back in the ICU, Jahi easily took a revolve for the worse. Sealey said once Chatan noticed that her granddaughter"s oxygen levels to be dangerously low she referred to as for help. Jahi went into cardiac arrest. The clinical staff started doing chest compressions in an attempt to recreation her and they tried different medicines to clot her blood yet nothing appeared to work. ~ above Tuesday CT scan revealed 2 thirds of Jahi"s mind was swollen.