As a licensed Bounty Hunter, you should keep up through the laws connected with Bounty Hunting. It is essential to understand what the proper laws space in the state you room pursuing the criminal in together well.

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Some states call for a patent to come to be a Bounty Hunter. Many states have laws regarding what type of hunting you deserve to do whether it is physical or not. If a state provides it unlawful come hunt a criminal physically, the Bounty Hunter have to use investigation and skip tracing capability to carry him in. This alters the border of the job, so the is necessary to recognize all phases the the situation. You have to follow the applicable laws where the criminal right now is.

Bail Enforcement maintain Programs

While physical bail enforcement training programs space beneficial, countless will insurance claim that friend don’t require a patent to monitor down and also capture fugitives, as result of the commonwealth 1872 Taylor vs. Taintor act. The reality is, bounty hunting and also bail enforcement rules & needs vary indigenous state to state and also that’s what they fail to teach. Part states call for some form of physical training and certificate; other’s need licensing, while various other states need no licensure or training at all.


Here is the sample the the present laws:

States where Bounty hunting Is Allowed

These states allow physical bounty hunting and bail enforcement yet require some kind of training, whether it it is in in the ar working because that a bail bond firm or in a classroom. Licenses for some of these says are likewise required.




Bounty hunters should be licensed (Ariz. Rev. Stat. 13-3885), happen a background check (Ariz. Rev. Stat. 20-323), and complete a training class (Ariz. Rev. Stat. 20-3001 with 3005). Bounty hunters just can enter a home with the consent the the occupants present at the moment of entry, and also cannot wear garments indicating the the bounty hunter is a state or federal official. Bond agents must educate the state the they room utilizing certain bounty hunters. As soon as a year, link agents also must notify the state of every bounty hunters they have used. Out of state bounty, hunters must contract with Arizona license is granted recovery agents. Ariz. Rev. Stat. 13-3885.


H.B. 1163, enacted April 15, 1999. Just licensed bail agents, personal investigators, or legislation enforcement officers, or human being who have two year of actual work as a license is granted investigator, bond agent, or legislation enforcement officer deserve to seek and arrest fugitives. Together a person must it is in at least 21 years of age, have no felony record, and also notify the regional police of his presence and administer them through the defendant’s name, charges, and suspected location.


Bail fugitive restore agents have to be 18 year old, have actually no felony convictions, complete a specified training courses, and also notify local regulation enforcement of their intent to apprehend a bail fugitive no much more than 6 hours prior to doing so. Lock must have actually written authorization from the link agent as soon as making an arrest, and cannot forcibly enter any type of premises, except under certain existing provisions of regulation governing arrest through a private person. Bounty hunters cannot represent themselves as law officers or wear title or uniforms the a reasonable person might mistake because that a government agency. All bounty hunters must carry with them a certification of completion of required courses and training programs. The end of state bounty, hunters must be license is granted in their home states, or be licensed bail agents. Personal detectives need not attain a separate bounty hunter patent to operate in the state. This legislation will stay in impact only till January 1, 2005. Cal. Penal password 1299. Also, bounty hunter or bond agent who catches the defendant in California need to go through extradition procedures to transfer him interstate. Cal. Penal code 847.5 (1995 West); Ouzts v. Maryland Nat’l Ins. Co., 505 F.2d 547 (9th Cir.1974). After an arrest the a defendant ~ above bail, the surety must supply him come the court or police in ~ 48 hrs of the arrest if the occurs within California; if the arrest occurs out of state, the surety must provide the defendant in ~ 48 hrs of your entering California. Cal. Penal code 1301.



Requires licensing, training (20 hrs of study), and also background checks (no felony record). Police officers are forbidden from being bounty hunters. Bounty hunters must inform local police prior to making one arrest, and cannot bring wear clothes or carry a badge saying he is an certified dealer of the state or federal government. C.G.S.A. 29-152e v 29-152l.



All bail runners need to be licensed, and also work only for one bond agent (i.e., removed freelance bounty hunters), more than 18, a resident of the state, have actually no criminal record, and pass a certification course, Fla. Stat. 648.37. One cannot arrest top top an out of state bond uneven the human being is license is granted in the state or the state wherein the bond was written. Fla. Stat. 648.30.






Bounty hunters need to be licensed and also notify regional police the a defendant’s location before making an arrest. Iowa code 80A.3. A victim deserve to sue a bail link agent and the bounty hunter because that misconduct. Iowa password 80A.16A. A bounty hunter cannot enter the house of or usage force against an innocent 3rd party. State v. McFarland, 598 N.W.2d 318 (Iowa Ct. App. 1999).



All restore agents have to be license is granted by DOI. Over there are education requirements come obtain and keep license. The end of state recovery personnel must contract with a bail agent licensed in Louisiana. Restore personnel required to undertake apparel identify bail bond agency during apprehension or surrender in a private residence. For are afraid in a personal home, notification of local legislation enforcement required. (LAC title 37, part XVIII, Ch. 49, Reg 65, Sec. 4901 et seq.)





The surety may arrest the principal and also is entitled to the help of regulation enforcement (MCL 765.26). Source: NABIC



Bail enforcement agents have to be licensed. Needs are being at least 21 years of age, the residents of the state at least one year, no felony record. Miss. Stat. Ann. 83-39-3.





All shortcut agents and their agents need to be licensed. Nev. Password 697.090, 697.180. To attain a license, a bail enforcement agent need to be at the very least 21 year old, it is in a U.S. Citizen, have actually a high institution diploma or equivalent, have actually no felony record, happen a emotional examination, happen a composed exam, and also pass a drug test. Nev. Code 697.173, 697.200 (written examination), 697.186 (letter indigenous police saying no criminal record). Bounty hunter also must take a training course within ripe months of being hired together a bounty hunter. Nev. Code 697.177. After making an arrest, bail enforcement certified dealer must inform the local regulation enforcement firm of the jurisdiction in i beg your pardon the defendant to be apprehended of his identity, the identification of the defendant, and also where the defendant is being required to be surrendered right into custody. Before forcibly start an inhabited dwelling, a bail enforcement agent must inform the local regulation enforcement. Nev. Code. 697.325.

New Hampshire

Recovery agents have to be trained and also certified v a regime approved through the expert Bail Agents that the unified States, and also register through the Secretary that State (who will problem proof the registration). Bail firm must have actually at least $300,000 in liability insurance because that recovery activities, and recovery agents to be acting as independent building contractors must have actually liability insurance money of at least $300,000. Bail agents and recovery agents must inform the chef of police the the pertinent municipality when searching for bail jumper. N.H. Stat. 597:7-b.

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

At any type of time a surety might take a principal right into custody at any type of place in the state and also by written authority ~ above a certified copy the the bail bond might empower any person over 20 to do so. (Crim. Proc. Title p Div, 3, art. 530.80 & 540). Source: NABIC

North Dakota



Out of state bounty, hunter or link agent have to be attach by peace officer or license is granted Oklahoma link agent as soon as seeking to apprehend bail jumper. Okl. Stat. 1750.14.


Rhode Island

South Dakota


A bounty hunter cannot have a criminal record, must educate local police the defendant’s location, and also present to the police a copy the the warrant, a copy the the bond, and evidence the bounty hunter has actually been rental by a link agent. Tenn. Password Ann. 40-11-3.


Tex. Password Crim. P. 17.19 states that bail gent can attain warrant native the court before seeking to arrest the defendant, and a justice warrant is compelled to arrest with force, Tex. Password Crim. Proc arts 17.19 (Vernon 1977); watch Austin v. State, 541 S.W.2d 162 (Tex. Cr. App. 1976). Uniform Criminal Extradition Act requires that bond certified dealer or bounty hunter take defendant before a magistrate prior to transporting end state lines. Check out Landry v. A-Able Bonding, Inc., 75 F.2d 200 (5th Cir. 1996).




A surety might at any type of time arrest his principal and also surrender him come the court in question. (Code of Va. 19.2-149). Source: NABIC


West Virginia

All “bail shortcut enforcers” must register with the West Virginia state police. That registration must: (1) identify at the very least one link agent because that whom the enforcer is authorized come act, (2) encompass written authorization from that bonding agent, (3) incorporate the enforcer’s certified fingerprints, and (4) encompass one photograph. To register, one enforcer have to be at least 21 years old, a citizen of the U.S., and also have no felony convictions. A bonding certified dealer can approve an continuous 2-year authorization come an enforcer that is a West Virginia citizen to look for all defendants because that whom the bonding certified dealer acts together a surety. The bonding certified dealer otherwise can give a 60-day authorization come an enforcer, in which situation the enforcer must inform the state police that the time and place of any type of proposed action, and also if the enforcer is no a state resident, he additionally must inform the police the date he will go into the state. The end of state bounty, hunters have to abide by the same needs of in-state (including created authorization indigenous in-state bonding agent). An enforcer is come be considered the legal agent of the bonding agent. An enforcer cannot: (1) get in an populated residential structure (i.e., a residence or apartment) there is no the consent that the inhabitants who are then present, (2) arrest a defendant without written authorization from the bondsman, (3) wear or carry any uniform or argorial that suggests that the enforcer is a state certified dealer or employee (but “may display screen identification that suggests his or her standing as a bail link enforcer only”), and also (4) have to exercise due treatment to defend the safety of third parties. H.B. 4481 (Enacted April 4, 2000).


States wherein Physical Bounty hunting Is Banned

District that Columbia


A state enacted in 1963 draft to eliminate the commercial bail link industry. See Schilb v. Kuebel, 264 N.E.2d 377, 380 (Ill. 1970), aff’d 404 U.S. 357 (1971); Ill. Stat. Ch. 725 5/110-7, 5/110-8. “No bail bondsman from any kind of state may seize or move unwillingly any kind of person found in this State that is accused in violation the a bail bond post in some various other state.” Ill. Stat. Ch. 725 5/103-9.


Kentucky expressly outlaws the commercial bail bond industry. Ky. Stat. 431.510 (prohibiting commercial bail link industry); watch Stephens v. Bonding Assoc. The Kentucky, 538 S.W.2d 580 (Ky 1976) (upholding statute). A bond certified dealer from an additional state seeking to arrest a fugitive who has fled come Kentucky must gain a warrant. Ky. Rev. Stat. 440.270.

North Carolina


Defendant only deserve to be released from custody top top conditional release, deposit bond, or ~ above his recognizance (i.e., no surety bonds). Or. Rev. Stat. 135.255, .260, .265. In State v. Epps, 585 P.2d 425 (Or. 1978), the Oregon supreme court denomination the broad common law rights that bounty hunters and bond agents and applied the Uniform Criminal Extradition Act come bounty hunters seeking to take defendants over state lines.

South Carolina


Wis. Stat. 969.12 provides that no surety can be compensated for serving together a surety, properly eliminating the commercial bond market. View Kahn v. McCormack, 299 N.W.2d 279 (Ct. App. 1980)(upholding constitutionality that the statute and also stating that purpose of the law is to get rid of the commercial shortcut industry).

Please keep in mind that also though physics Bounty Hunting and also Bail Enforcement Is prohibition in these states, you deserve to still act as a private investigator or digital bounty hunter by help authorities at local, state & commonwealth levels for comprehensive rewards.

States That allow Bounty searching With No cultivate or licensing Requirements

MaineMassachusettsMichiganMontanaNebraskaNew JerseyRhode Island – simple PledgeWyoming

PLEASE NOTE: However, if you do not wish to apply for a license or enroll in a training routine in a state which has bounty searching requirements, you may work as a helper or by play a role to catch a subject under the supervision the a licensed or Trained Bounty Hunter. Also, there space a grasp of says that call for no maintain all.

Note come Canadian Residents

We have been receiving over recent months one increasing variety of inquiries from Canadian occupants interested in ending up being a bounty hunter not just in the U.S. Yet in Canada also. Please note, BOUNTY hunting in CANADA is illegal.

Why You require A patent To be A Bounty Hunter

You cannot come to be a Bounty Hunter there is no research and also training. Otherwise, you space a civilian who is taking the law into his or her very own hands. It is a vigilantly, and also shouldn’t be puzzled with gift a bounty hunter.

You should know how the bail bonds mechanism works, and the laws that go in addition to it. The is a skill that bring away time come perfect so that you not just stay safe but so that you have the right to be a expert bounty hunter who renders the large bucks!

Bounty Hunters have an abilities in skip tracing, negotiation, being really perceptive and also also good surveillance abilities. You have to know exactly how to research and look because that individuals. You have actually to be able to look right into a criminal’s past and review all possible previous residences. By completing her research, you will learn a lot around the criminal you room pursuing. Friend will recognize his friends and also the locations he hangs out among many various other things.

If you perform not have actually a license, you cannot be paid legally for bringing earlier a criminal. You may likewise run right into law difficulties for doing this kind of job-related without a license. Together with any job, you must make certain you have researched and also completed training prior to you begin as a Bounty Hunter.

Know the laws, understand what you require legally to finish your job, and also you’ll be less likely to discover yourself on the wrong finish of the law.

Now stop talk around how you gain paid as a bounty hunter.

How You get Paid together A Bounty Hunter

As a licensed Bounty Hunter, girlfriend can discover criminals wanted by local, state, and also federal authorities. Once you lug these criminals back to justice, your reward deserve to be $50,000 or more.

Now don’t gain me wrong, once you very first get started, you’ll probably be looking in ~ rewards from $500 – $5,000 at best. However, as I said, the an ext you construct your reputation and market yourself, the an ext money you’ll make.

Another perk is you will do it be making your hours, and deciding when/if you want to work! space you currently able to perform that at your real job? If so, counting yourself lucky. Not only is the pay together a bounty hunter is attractive, but so is the schedule. Girlfriend can likewise work from residence or your very own office earning money the helps carry criminals back to pay because that what castle did.

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That in its self is as profitable as the money for many bounty hunters. Their genuine passion is happen the poor guys in, and also the money and fame are just icing on the cake.