Trevor judge Waltrip live 12 years after gift born with hydranencephaly, a rare condition in which the brain's cerebral hemispheres space absent, replaced by bag filled v cerebro-spinal fluid. (Source: Nicholas Ainsworth)

An x-ray the Trevor's skull shows the little boy's skull, with fluid filling the cavities whereby the cerebral hemispheres the his brain should be. ( File, 2003)SHREVEPORT, LA ( - an ArkLaTex child born there is no a brain and defied every odds passed far peacefully in his sleep Monday.

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Trevor referee Waltrip was born top top Christmas eve 2001, with just a mind stem and

. It"s a rare condition in i m sorry the brain"s cerebral hemispheres room absent, replaced by bag filled through cerebro-spinal fluid. The mind stem allowed Trevor come breathe, respond to some stimulus, and maintain a heartbeat. In 2003, his mommy Elizabeth called News 12 that "He"s therefore alert and also hates to it is in alone. He"ll sense that, too."

Still, Trevor to be blind and unable come verbally communicate.

Doctors were unsure if Trevor would certainly make that 12 weeks. At 17 months, his medical professional Larry Daniels stated that the was very unique to have survived the long, considering babies born v this problem generally don"t live to birth."

There"s no cure or therapy for hydranencephaly.

Trevor live for 12 years, with the aid of a feeding tube and also therapists who created his muscles and joints. His mom says she to know his story touched the hearts of many throughout the region. When we checked in with the Waltrip family again in 2005, his mommy said he to be doing well, acquiring weight and also had 15 teeth, "and he does bite, therefore he does recognize what he"s doing."

Elizabeth Waltrip additionally found a support team for parents of babies favor Trevor. "Just to know about other babies the end there like this due to the fact that I assumed I was the only one. It"s yes, really ...I feel much better."

Knowing what the odds are versus babies like Trevor, Elizabeth take it things at some point at a time. "I look at it like he"s right here for a reason," she said in 2005, "and I give thanks to God day-to-day for it."

Now the he has actually passed away, his household is

asking for help to covering funeral costs. Donations can be make to any type of Chase financial institution under the "Trevor judge Waltrip Donation Account."

Arrangements have actually been made, with funeral solutions being organized on Saturday, respectable 30 in ~ 2:30 p.m. In ~ Rose-Neath"s Southside Chapel, 2500 Southside Drive.

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Visitation will be ~ above Friday, respectable 29 from 5-7 p.m., also at Rose-Neath Southside Chapel.