Brayden Tyler Frazier passed away last main after circumcision may have actually placed him in a fight because that his life, a fight he to be unable come win. Family members post on on facebook the baby began bleeding uncontrollably after being circumcised. On march 6, the baby was transferred from a neighborhood hospital to the UC Davis Medical center Neonatal Intensive care Unit in Sacramento. According to a family members friend, doctors attempted to use coagulants, platelets, and plasma to conserve his life after the baby was diagnosed with hemophilia.

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The baby then started having actually uncontrollable seizures together with failure the his liver and kidneys. Doctors advised the family members that castle were not optimistic about his survival. All efforts to save the baby’s life to be unsuccessful, and also he yielded to his wounds at 11 job old.


Baby Brayden with family in intensive treatment after circumcision disaster. Photograph credit: Facebook

Circumcision is a painful, risky and also harmful cosmetics surgery. Some specialists assert doctors have end up being complacent in ignoring these risks leading come complications and also death. In an answer to this story the the American Academy that Pediatrics has stated that babies with hemophilia need to not be circumcised, and also in these instances the threats outweigh any type of potential benefits. AAP representatives stated that babies are not regularly tested for clotting disorders prior to circumcision, do it impossible to know which babies space at risk.

A study released by Thymos newspaper of Boyhood researches (THYMOS: newspaper of Boyhood Studies, Vol. 4, No. 1, spring 2010, Bollinger) concluded baby boys perform die together a result of circumcision. The study estimated 117 neonatal circumcision-related deaths occur annually in the joined States. Since infant circumcision is an elective cosmetics surgery, every one of these deaths are avoidable.

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Some medical experts scoff at research studies claiming that a far-ranging number the babies die after being circumcised. Medical professionals tend come attribute circumcision deaths to various other causes. Grief-stricken parents may be can not to handle the guilt in the their decision come circumcise your child resulted in harm. Another possible motive for medical professionals to misreport cause of fatality would be to defend versus medical malpractice lawsuits. Under-reporting infant deaths after circumcision may lead some to believe these cases never happen.

The family proclaimed through UC Davis spokesperson Phyllis Brown they believe the cause of fatality was not from circumcision, yet refused to release more information. The hospital additional stated, “The baby got the highest possible level that care, and also we room deeply sorry because that the family’s loss.”

The family additionally published this statement: “Our tiny guardian angel, Brayden Tyler Frazier, born February 25, 2013 entered into sky on march 8, 2013. The is love by his parents Ashley Arms and Krystian Frazier. He is also loved by grandparents chris Arms, Will and also Vera Haena, Maggie and also Al Barner and Darin Frazier. And many loving good grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We’ll forget girlfriend never, the kid we had yet never had and yet will have forever.” Published in Lodi News-Sentinel from March 13 to March 20, 2013