Can children take collagen?

Every parental wants details things for their kids. Near the optimal of the list is obedience, happiness, safety and of course, health.

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At CB Supplements, we make that our mission to aid parents achieve one the these wants for their youngsters in particular — health.

Kids, from the time they"re in the womb (yes, collagen is safe to take during pregnancy) with childhood, room at a crucial stage that life wherein their bodies usage the nutrients from food spend to build solid bones and joints, and also support fully-functioning internal organs choose the intestines, heart and lungs.

Unfortunately, most kids lack the resources important to even access collagen rich foods items or space not comfortable eating huge amounts of pet protein including the connective tissue and organs prefer the liver, kidney or skeleton (to make broth). 

Due come this culture shift in dietary preferences, a potential consequence might be weaker bones in our kids, which deserve to have a devastating influence on childhood play and activities. CB additionally collagen protein powder gives your kids bone strengthening, joint sustaining nourishment the can assist your youngsters grow solid and limber right into the adult years. Investing in your youngsters diet and also supplementation once they room young will collection them up because that success in the future. And when they have a solid frame and also agile joints to propel castle at whatever life throws, castle will say thanks to you.

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Can teens take collagen?

What about teenagers? Is collagen for sure for lock too?

We"ve gained this concern quite a bit via our chat and wanted to attend to it here, too.

YES, ours multi collagen protein powder assets are safe for teenagers.

With the laundry list of collagen benefits for cultivation kids/teens/adolescents — the is a an excellent idea to supplement! Well, unless your family members drinks bone broth and also eats bone-in meat everyday. We constantly recommend food first, but recognize that"s daunting in today"s world. We just eat in different ways than we did 100 year ago, unfortunately.

Dosage referral for teenagers

Start with one scoop (which will certainly deliver approximately 8g the collagen) and also add an ext scoops native there.

We recommend trying to gain 15-25g every day, i beg your pardon is 2-3 scoops every day.

Even despite the FDA makes us tell world our product is a supplement (because it"s converted into a powder), collagen is food (and collagen is in food) and an important protein various than all other forms of protein since it has actually a distinctive peptide chain. The peptide speak the body to go make/repair connective tissue!

To simplify this, you can’t really overdue the on collagen.

Pro-inflammatory foods

Another amazing fact of our existing dietary choices is the quantity of pro-inflammatory foodstuffs we consume consisting of excess sugar, processed carbohydrates (wheat primarily) and also hydrogenated vegetable oils (soy and also canola space examples).

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A diet consists of the ‘terrible 3’ can cause inflammation in our digestive system, i beg your pardon may result in a variety of issues. Kids are no exception and can experience massive digestive issues due to eat a diet consist of of this 3 ingredients. But there is great news! Collagen protein has repairing and rebuilding qualities that can restore proper function to the minister lining, which have the right to actually combine the immune device as well. 

Collagen protein, specifically multi collagen protein (which is collagen native multiple sources prefer beef, chicken, fish and eggs), deserve to have profound effects on health for any kind of child. And also is this not what every parent wants? for their kids to it is in healthy and take top top life with complete force?

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Finding the appropriate Collagen Supplement

If you"re all set to shot some collagen supplements, below are two resources: