Teens were already enabled to vote in various other primaries if they will be 18 by choice day, however Ohio’s secretary of state vows to very nice the new ruling


The Ohio ruling can be a coup for Sanders, who has actually high polling numbers among young voters. Photograph: Jacquelyn Martin/AP
The Ohio ruling could be a coup for Sanders, who has actually high polling numbers amongst young voters. Photograph: Jacquelyn Martin/AP

In a potential win for vermont senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, one Ohio judge has ruled the 17-year-old Ohioans have the right to vote in the Buckeye State’s upcoming major election.

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Ohio already enables all 17-year-olds to poll in congressional, legislative and also mayoral primaries – as lengthy as they will be 18 on choice day – however the inquiry of even if it is they have the right to vote in a presidential primary had actually been unanswered. Nine Ohio teenagers filed a lawsuit over the translate of the regulation by Ohio’s secretary the state, which they asserted was an action of disenfranchisement.

“Plaintiffs are entitled to a judgment that the secretary abused his discretion,” judge Richard Frye the Franklin County said in his ruling, introduce to Ohio secretary that state Jon Husted, a Republican who has actually vowed come appeal the ruling.

“This last minute legislating native the bench on choice law needs to stop,” Husted claimed in a statement. “Our mechanism cannot give one ar court the strength to change 30 years of election regulation for the whole state of Ohio, 23 job into early on voting and only 4 days before an election.”


Students pick up free shirts sustaining Bernie Sanders external a rally at the historically black Claflin university in Orangeburg, south Carolina. Photograph: Richard Ellis/EPA“We will appeal this decision due to the fact that if there is a close choice on Tuesday we need clarity native the supreme court come make certain that ineligible voters don’t determine the result of one election. No issue the outcome of this disputes, I desire 17-year-olds to recognize that they space eligible to vote on details races and they have to exercise the right,” Husted added.

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The ruling, if eventually successful, is a coup because that the Sanders campaign, i m sorry enjoys high polling numbers amongst young voters. In surrounding Iowa, Sanders won caucus voters younger than 30 by a proportion of 6 to one – 84% come 14% – over challenger Hillary Clinton.