NEWPORT, Ky. ( - former Kentucky judge and conservative politics activist Timothy Nolan was sentenced to 20 years in jail after pleading guilty to human being trafficking and other sex crimes.

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A unique prosecutor claimed Tim Nolan, 71, targeted young women and gave castle opioids and threatened to withhold the drugs or contact law enforcement if they didn"t do sex acts.

Prosecutor Barbara Whaley check out statements from few of the females in court. 7 of the 19 victims were under 16 years old.

Nolan preserved his innocence on all charges and tried to delay his sentencing multiple ways, consisting of firing his attorney in March and also trying to retract his guilty plea.

On Friday, that apologized in court and also promised to look for treatment.

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According come a Kentucky room of correction spokeswoman, Nolan obtained the maximum feasible sentence of 20 years for human trafficking charges.