in march 27, 2021 - 12:03 GMT Jenni McKnight The Duchess the Cornwall"s son, Tom Parker Bowles, is "devastated" adhering to the fatality of his girl friend Alice Procope

The Duchess the Cornwall and Prince Charles space no doubt comforting her boy after it to be revealed that his girlfriend has tragically pass away.

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Tom Parker Bowles had been dating previous journalist Alice Procope for almost two years before she died of cancer in ~ the period of 42.

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The mother-of-three passed away peacefully at home on in march 17, 7 months after she was diagnosed through the disease, follow to the Daily Mail.

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Food writer Tom is said to be "devastated" by she death and also was "blissfully happy" with Alice, that he started dating after splitting from his mam Sarah Buys in 2018.

The record also reports the Alice"s cancer diagnosis was "partly" delayed as result of COVID-19 and wasn"t found until critical August, by which time "it was too late".

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Alice to be the nephew of the 2nd Viscount Ingleby and also had three young children, Katherine, Wilfred and also Georgia, with her estranged husband, Robert Procope, nephew of baronet sir Robert Wigram.

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