Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess that Cornwall, married Prince Charles in 2005. Chris Jackson - Pool/Getty Images
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, transforms 74 top top July 17.

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She come from one aristocratic family members with royal connections.

She has actually two rescue dogs, Jack Russell terriers named Beth and Bluebell.

Camilla Parker Bowles' parents, Bruce and Rosalind Shand, were rich aristocrats.


Prince Charles and also Camilla, Duchess the Cornwall, with their kids Prince Harry, Prince William, Tom Parker Bowles, and also Laura Lopes. Anwar Hussein Collection/ROTA/WireImage

Tom is a cookbook author and also restaurant critic, if Laura works as an art curator. Prince Charles is likewise Tom's godfather.

Camilla's engagement ring native Prince Charles belonged to the Queen Mother.

The Duchess of Cornwall"s wedding and also engagement rings. Peter Byrne - PA Images/PA photos via Getty Images

Prince Charles and Camilla got engaged in February 2005 and also wed that April. She engagement ring's 5-carat emerald-cut diamond is surrounded by 3 diamond baguettes on one of two people side.

Camilla is technically the Princess the Wales, but she doesn't use the title since it's so closely connected with Princess Diana.

Princess Diana and also Camilla Parker Bowles in 1980. To express znjke.compapers/Archive image via Getty Images

Duke the Cornwall is a title provided to a reigning brothers monarch's earliest son. When Camilla married Charles, she took on the feminine version of the title together the Duchess that Cornwall instead of the Princess of Wales.

Princess Diana was still well-known as the Princess of Wales following her divorce from Charles in 1996. She died in 1997.

She has five grandchildren indigenous her own two children, and five indigenous her royal stepchildren.

Carole Middleton and also Prince Charles organize bridesmaid Eliza Lopes as Camilla looks the end from the balcony of Buckingham Palace adhering to Prince William and Kate Middleton"s wedding in 2011. Antony Jones/Julian Parker/Mark Cuthbert/UK push via Getty Images

Her son, Tom, has actually two children, Lola and Freddy. Laura has a daughter, Eliza, and also twin boys, Gus and Louis. Eliza to be a bridesmaid in ~ Prince William and also Kate Middleton's wedding.

Camilla loves dogs, and she has actually two Jack Russell terriers named Beth and also Bluebell.

Camilla, Duchess that Cornwall v Beth, her Jack Russell terrier in 2020. Steve Parsons - WPA Pool/Getty Images

She is a imperial patron that Battersea Dogs and also Cats home in London, whereby she adopted her dogs.

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She's an avid pan of the outdoors and loves gardening.

Camilla, Duchess that Cornwall and Prince Charles admire flowers at the Chelsea Flower Show. Swimming pool Photograph/Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

The Duchess the Cornwall offered to gain fox hunting until it ended up being illegal in 2005. She likewise told reporters top top a 2018 visit come the Garden Museum in London, "I'd be out in my garden all day, every day if i were allowed. I love to obtain my hand dirty."

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