Cameron Boyce was a promise young gibbs with millions of fans when he tragically died aged just 20.

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The descendants star, who had actually been diagnosed through epilepsy, died in his sleep a year earlier today.

Cameron was simply 11 as soon as he got his huge showbiz break v a starring role in a music video for Panic! at The

Frm over there he went on to do his surname in soap spin off basic Hospital: Night shift before landing his first film function in fear movie, znjke.znjke.comms climate then Eagle Eye in 2008.

Two years later on he landing the znjke.commponent of Adam Sandler's kid in get an impression Ups prior to he captured Disney's eye.

Cameron appeared on Disney Channel's znjke.commedy series, Shake the Up before getting his starring function as Luke Ross in Jessie.

And then came the znjke.commponent that would specify him - Carlos in Disney's Descendants.

Starring alongside fellow teen stars Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson and also Booboo Stewart, the actors play the youngsters of several of Disney's finest known villains.

Carlos to be the kid of Cruella de Vil indigenous 101 dalmations, a duty he reprised in the two follow up hit films.

The movies were a vast success and Cameron's career was going from strength to strength.

He starred in HBO's mrs Fletcher and also was early out to start a brand-new project v his previous Adam Sandler just before his tragic death.

Cameron died in his sleep in ~ his home in Los Angeles. He had suffered one epileptic seizure aged simply 20.

Just hours prior to his disastrous death, Cameron had actually spent part time through his dad, Victor, who shared the final photo he took of his lovely son.

Victor bravely znjke.commmon the picture of Cameron top top Instagram and wrote: "I miss out on him terribly. I hope that no-one ever before has to feel the agony I'm feeling.

"The outpouring of love and support our family proceeds to get is for this reason beautiful and also appreciated. Give thanks to you every for helping us through our worst feasible situation."

Speaking to People, Victor added: "There space no indigenous to explain how moved we are by the incredible outpouring of love and support from our family, friends, and also the world.

"Thank you, everyone, for encircling us with your love and respect that Cameron and znjke.comncern because that our family.

"He to be the very definition of human being kindness, and a irradiate that will forever shine together his spirit resides on in all that knew and also loved him.

"He to be the rock of ours family and he always had a positive, heartwarming, insightful and caring outlook ~ above everything and everyone.”

Cameron's friends, znjke.comlleagues and also were devastated by his suddenly death.

His descendants Dove Cameron mutual a tearful video clip on Instagram after hearing the disastrous news.

She said: "I love you and also your whole family so much and also forever. There to be life before this, and also now life after ~ this. My thoughts have not left you and also they will remain with you."

Debbie Ryan, who showed up with Cameron on Jessie, said: "This ripped me up. I store trying and I can't make anything do sense.

"He to be blameless, and also relentlessly joyful; he to be good. Through and also through, video camer is good, in every ways and also to all people."

Descandants Sofia Carson paid a heartfelt emotional tribute to Cameron top top Instagram.

She said: "To ours angel, There room not sufficient words. There will never ever be sufficient words. I znjke.comuldn’t lug myself to execute this since doing this makes it real.

"Letting you go is not something ns know how to do. And I simply can’t fathom life in a human being without you. Ns love you, Cam. And also I will certainly love you. Forever."

Descandants director, Kenny Ortega, added: "Cameron, You will forever live in our hearts."

Adam Sandler, who had played Cameron's dad, tweeted that the young actor was "the nicest, many talented, and most decent kid roughly - all our hearts space broken".

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Descendants 3, Cameron's last film which to be finished prior to his catastrophic death, was released after her passed away.

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