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Cam Newton speak to the media top top Tuesday, his an initial time doing so since cutting his postgame supervisor Bowl press conference short. The confidently shot earlier at all the criticisms being lobbed at him because the Panthers" disappointed 24-10 loss to the Broncos.

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"Pretty much every little thing that world say around us is fluff," the said, via Black and also Blue Review. "They to speak Cam"s a thug, players on the team space classless."

"I"ve said it because day one: i am that I am, I understand what I"m qualified of and I recognize where I"m going," he later added, via WCCB Sports" Jeff Zell. "I don"t need to conform come anyone else"s wants. I"m not that guy. If you want me to it is in this kind of human being I"m not that and also I"m happy to say that. I am my own person and I take it pride in that."

Newton stood at his Panthers locker and also answered questions about his lackluster Super bowl performance, his fourth quarter fumble and his decision to not speak to the media after ~ the game.

Cam: I"m on record as being a sore loser. I hate losing. You display me a great loser and I"ll present you a loser

— Jonathan Jones (
jjones9) February 9, 2016

Panthers head coach Ron Rivera expressed a similar sentiment while speaking to the media afterward.

"I"d much rather have a male who hates to lose than a guy who accepts it," the said. Rivera added that he and rest of the Panthers respect Newton and also accept that for that he is, and lamented the Newton didn"t had to speak to the press right ~ a loss.

"Time is probably the best thing," Rivera said. "In part circumstances possibly it"d be much better to give human being a bit much more time to collection their thoughts and also then their emotions."

Newton completed simply 18 that his 41 overcome on Sunday, for a total of 265 yards. The was additionally sacked six times and also turned the ball over three times. Two of those turnovers come on fumbles, the second of which came late in the fourth quarter and also became a controversial play. Replays showed up to display Newton electing not to dive for the ball in spite of it gift within his grasp.


Newton was additionally lambasted by members of the Broncos defense, and fans and analysts, as well.

"I don"t dive top top one fumble due to the fact that the means my leg to be -- it can have to be (contorted) in a way," Newton said, via the Charlotte Observer"s Joe Person. "OK, girlfriend say my effort. I didn"t dive down. I fumbled. That"s fine. But we didn"t shed that game since of the fumble. I have the right to tell girlfriend that."

He included that he didn"t treatment if other human being accused that of quitting, as long as his Panthers teammates and coaches understand that he didn"t.

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"(It was) one unbelievable season. Us did what a lot of civilization didn"t think we might do," Newton added, via Max Henson that the Panthers" main website. "We will be back, and also I mean that."

Now the he"s finally broken his loved one silence, it"s at the very least clear the the Newton that isn"t fear to speak is mind is back.

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