Carolina Panthers quarterback electronic came Newton (1) walks off the ar after shedding to the Denver Broncos in Super bowl 50 at Levi’s stadion Sunday night. (Reuters)

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Fun-loving electronic came Newton turned right into sourpuss cam in his postgame press conference after the Carolina Panthers lost Super bowl 50 to the Denver Broncos.

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Manning shuffled to a podium in the bowels that Levi’s Stadium around 30 minutes after Denver finished off a 24-10 victory.

Newton scowled and closed his eyes together one tv reporter jostling a microphone attempted to prod the league MVP around the loss.

The net was abuzz so late Sunday end why Newton no pounce ~ above a fumble with four minutes left in the 4th quarter that led to running ago C.J. Anderson scoring the an initial touchdown of the game, and Denver going increase 24-10.

With a black color Panthers hooded sweatshirt on, Newton fielded only seven questions prior to walking back to the locker room.

The very first question, i m sorry was an ext of a leading statement, was around how pains it to be to lose. Newton asked, “What’s the question?”

On losing Super key 50: “They simply played much better than us. I don’t know what you desire me to say. Castle made much more plays 보다 us, and that’s what the came down to. We had actually our opportunities. Over there wasn’t nothing distinct that they did. We dropped balls. Us turned the round over, gave up sacks, threw errant passes. It is it. Castle scored more points 보다 we did.”

Manning stated he told Newton after ~ the video game he have to be congratulated on his an excellent season and also that the Panthers would certainly be earlier in the at sight Bowl.

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