Dancing with The Stars: Calvin Johnson's Height, Age, Dating background & various other Facts previous NFL athlete Calvin Johnson Jr., that is likewise known together Megatron, competed on Dancing v the Stars season 23. Gain to know him better.

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previous NFL athlete Calvin Johnson Jr., that is additionally known as Megatron, competed on Dancing through the Stars season 23. Calvin was one top top the present in 2016. He did an extremely well on DWTS and finished up in 3rd place overall. As an athlete, Calvin make history for 1,964 receiving yards in a season, and also most continually 100-yard receiving games with a total of 8. He was nicknamed Megatron through his teammate, Roy Williams. The fans loved it, and also it has stuck ever since.

On DWTS season 23, Calvin"s nickname progressed to Cha-cha-tron. This occurred when Calvin danced the cha-cha through his partner, skilled dancer Lindsay Arnolds. Some fans to be surprised through the reality that the placed third place on the show. Even some of his relatives and also friends joked that he had no rhythm. In any kind of case, he definitely learned a point or 2 from his dancing partner. Throughout the finale, longtime referee Len Goodman told Calvin that he was "without a doubt the most improved dancer in this final."

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Ever because he was on the show, the fans have been wanting to learn much more about this Dancing through The Stars alum. Calvin is 6 feet, 5 customs tall and weighs 239 pounds. A fun reality is the he was currently 6 feet high in middle school. His height and also overall physicality showed to be rare and also made him particularly desirable as a player. When it concerns his time in the NFL, Calvin had some the the largest sports contracts ever. However, he has expressed regrets about not playing for another team during his experienced career. Overall, he played because that the Detroit Lions for nine years.

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When it pertains to his an individual life, Calvin has been in a longtime committed partnership with Brittney McNorton. They got engaged in march 2015 and married in June 2016. Lock live with each other in Atlanta with his boy from a vault relationship. In February 2019, the couple was provided the environment-friendly light for plans to open up a clinical cannabis dispensary in Michigan. Since then, Calvin was called to the plank of directors of the Michigan Cannabis market Association. He has partnered up with Harvard University and also has pledged a six-figure donation to walk to research.

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There"s a new season of Dancing through The Stars walk on, and the fans room looking ago to several of their favorite contestants who had been top top the show. Calvin Johnson has definitely gone down in history.