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Calvin Johnson"s amazing "Dancing v the Stars" progress leads come semifinals
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Calvin Johnson"s exceptional "Dancing v the Stars" development leads come semifinals
Nov 7, 2016

Michael employee Writer
ClosePreviously spanned University the Michigan for and
When Calvin Johnson surprisingly joined the struggle ABC display "Dancing through the Stars" right prior to the soccer season started, his teammates stated he couldn’t dance. His sister stated he had actually no rhythm.

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So to see how far the previous Detroit Lions standout receiver has actually come throughout his "Dancing with the Stars" stint is stunning, because every mainly he appears to get better. And it’s paid off for him, too.

Johnson is still alive on "Dancing through the Stars" -- a semifinalist that will carry out again next Monday night. Not a bad an initial act after retirement.

Johnson damaged out the all-white fit Monday on Showstoppers Night to execute a waltz come the Broadway display "Cats" v his partner, Lindsay Arnold. Together an added bonus, they had actually British singer Leona Lewis performing as they danced come “Memories.”

In the pre-performance videotaped bit, Johnson pull in a complete cat getup to work with the choreographer indigenous "Cats" -- finish with ears and a tail. Johnson and also Arnold travel to new York to occupational with the choreographer native the well known Broadway show due to the fact that Arnold felt the for Johnson to completely embrace the role, he essential to dress up together an really cat.

So Johnson, in a dance unitard with the ears and also tail, got to occupational out for a day on Broadway. One difficulty -- he didn’t placed on his “dancing belt,” something he never thought he’d in reality hear about.

And something he never ever imagined he’d actually be doing.

“Never, especially the run belt," Johnson claimed on the broadcast. "That to be terrible. That told me to put it on, and also I to be like, ‘What? Like, what is this?’ He to be like, "You need to put this top top to placed on her unitard, and also I was just like, ‘I got my very own stuff. I’m good.""

During his actual run -- when he wore the all-white instead of the cats outfit -- Johnson pulled turn off an outstanding spin of Arnold. She showed up to float turn off the ground for a couple of revolutions prior to she spun the end as part of the dance.

Judge Julianne Hough called his waltz “one that his ideal dances” the the vain -- and that’s speak something, considering he gained a perfect score critical week.

They didn’t gain a perfect score this week, nabbing a 37 of 40 native the 4 judges.

Johnson teamed up through IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe because that the team dance; Johnson play the duty of sheriff and also Hinchcliffe the bandit. They entered Monday night together the only remaining masculine contestants in the competition and also performed a Paso Doble. They received a 37 that 40 on their team dance.

Hinchcliffe claimed in a pretaped item that he to be a large fan of Johnson before, but even more now the he’s gotten to recognize him.

Here to be the judges" comments and also scores for Johnson"s dance with Arnold.

Julianne Hough (10): What ns love so lot is her level the commitment come this competition, because you have the right to come the end here and you’re the ray of sunshine, you’re and all that stuff, and also then you carry out a dance like this and you’re beautiful and you’re smooth and there’s grace around it. Tonight, i feel choose this is one of your better dances.

Bruno Tonioli (9): as always, majestic, prefer a Siberian Tiger toying through a tiny pussycat and also not a scrape in sight. I love the means you manage her because it’s very, really difficult. There’s one thing I want to allude out, due to the fact that of the difference in size, obviously, come take and also balance the stride in ~ the musical phrasing that this track is therefore hard since it’s not even at all. That keeps changing, and also you have to go in and out that tempo and also maintaining the phrasing, and you go it, darling. It’s the hardest thing to do.

Carrie Ann Inaba (9): Considering the height difference, you really have actually learned to dance as one. You proceed each other’s moves. It’s choose you finish the phrasing with each other. I’m going to give you a point, though, that I want you to work-related on, since we space in the quarterfinals and everything matters and also it’s yes, really close. That one wasn’t her best, musically. It was a tiny ahead that the music. The wasn’t together strongly associated to the music together you normally are, for this reason I simply want to allude it out because we space heading come the finals here. But, well-done. Well-done.

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Idina menzel (9): i didn’t see any of that. Mine dad in reality taught me whatever I know around football, and he constantly taught me that football players gain a negative rap because you’re supposed to be just tough and also tackle every other, but you have to be really graceful, particularly as a large receiver. Am ns talking the end of mine butt? so I know now why you to be an remarkable athlete and an amazing, graceful dancer. That was beautiful.