In the months immediately following Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris"s June 2016 breakup after date for end a year, Harris released two songs seemingly motivated by her. Swift, in response, wrote one track seemingly about him that she didn"t even sing ("Better Man," which simply won Little big Town track of the year in ~ the CMAs Wednesday night). Yet that readjusted with the relax of Reputation tonight.

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Of all the tracks, "I go Something Bad" appears to have the most insight into their breakup. Here, the lyrics, via Genius, broken down with the possible Harris references.

I never ever trust a narcissistBut they love me

If you follow Calvin Harris on Instagram or Snapchat, you know the guy loves a good selfie—and often, a shirtless selfie. Self-confident? yes! Narcissistic? Maybe...

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I can feel the flames on mine skinCrimson red paint on mine lipsIf a male talks shit, then ns owe him nothingI don"t regret it one bit, "cause he had it coming

When Swift and also Harris initially broke up, the 2 posted a coordinated statement on Harris"s Twitter. Harris posted it first; Swift retweeted.

Then, 2 weeks later, hours before photos the Swift and also Tom Hiddleston making out in Rhode Island would certainly break, Harris tweeted and deleted "Oh boy it"s around to walk down".

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He blocked Taylor Swift"s brothers and likewise deleted all his photos with Taylor Swift. The tweeted this & turned off it.

— pop Crave (
PopCrave) June 15, 2016

He deleted their breakup tweet and also started purging his Instagram the every photo of Swift. Swift later did the same on her own social.


They say ns did miscellaneous bad, ahThen why"s it feeling so good?

"I go something bad" could refer to Swift"s relocating on to Tom Hiddleston automatically after she breakup with Harris (the two apparently met in May and hit it turn off at the Met Gala that Harris didn"t attend).

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Harris said in the text to his tune "Ole" that Swift may have actually been talking to Hiddleston when she to be still with him. (Select text include: "I check out online the you started to it is in a great girl and also take trips v your boyfriend. Gift attentive, proceed to pretend..." (A shout-out presumably come Harris and also Swift"s Coachella trip); "You"ve hidden my surname in your phone so friend can call me to tell me you"ve been going through hell. Left the alone and you booked in a hotel"; and a punny, recommendation to Hiddleston"s Loki Thor character "Low crucial you won"t phone call none of your friends around me.")

They say i did other bad, ahBut why"s it feel so good?Most fun I ever before had, ahAnd I"d do it over and also over and over again if ns couldIt simply felt for this reason good, good

Hiddleswift had actually a at sight public, whirlwind romance. They made out in Rhode Island and also Rome! Met every other"s parents! Hiddleston wore a "I heart TS" tank. Swift went to Australia. It was the peak summer fling.


Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta, death trapRa-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta, death trapRa-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta, fatality trapDeath trap, trap, trap

Verse 2:

I never trust a playboyBut castle love me

Before date Swift, Harris—one of the world"s highest paid DJs—had something of a playboy reputation.

So ns fly "em all about the world

Swift"s personal jet has famously been photographed moving her and also her famed boyfriends. (She and Harris make it clean they were with each other on it when they were flying through Gigi Hadid to Coachella for Hadid"s 22nd birthday and posted about it on their social media.)

And i let lock think they saved meThey never see the comin"What I do nextThis is exactly how the world worksYou gotta leave prior to you acquire left

Swift suggests here the she ended things v Harris.


I have the right to feel the flames on mine skinHe says, "Don"t throw away a great thing"

Swift and also Harris were music"s highest possible paid pair when they to be together. They had actually just celebrated their very first year anniversary 3 months before they split (and Harris, at the time of your breakup, was reportedly ring-shopping). It was among Swift"s longest-running relationships.

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