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The 32-year-old Scottish DJ it s okay candid ~ above the results of his June separation from Swift in a brand-new interview v British GQ.

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Harris consist of the magazine"s guys of the Year issue, to win Patron Tequila"s Solo Artist the the Year.

"It"s very challenging when miscellaneous I think about so an individual plays out very publicly," Harris says, speaking around the death of his and also Swift"s partnership in depth because that the an initial time. "The after-effects of the relationship was way more heavily publicized 보다 the relationship itself. Once we were together, we were an extremely careful because that it no to be a media circus. She respected my feel in that sense."

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"I"m not good at being a celebrity," the adds.

Harris specifically talks about his notorious Twitter rant about Swift in July, as soon as news broke that the 26-year-old singer created Harris and Rihanna"s summer hit, "This Is What You come For," under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg, as soon as the two were quiet a couple. "Hurtful come me at this suggest that her and her team would go so much out the their means to shot and do ME look bad at this phase though," that tweeted in ~ the time, prior to going ~ above to call out her connection with gibbs Tom Hiddleston. "I number if you"re happy in your brand-new relationship you should emphasis on that rather of trying come tear your ex bf under for something to do."

Harris currently calls his Twitter takedown "completely the dorn instinct."

"I was protecting what I see as my one talent in the civilization being belittled," that explains. "When it ended, every hell damaged loose. Now I watch that Twitter thing as a an outcome of me succumbing to pressure. It took me a minute to realize that none of the matters. I"m a confident guy."

As for your breakup itself, Harris appears to be at tranquility with the split.

"For both of united state it was the not correct situation," he shares. "It clearly wasn"t right, so the ended, but every one of the stuff that taken place afterwards..."

British GQ

Harris and Swift"s split at first seemed fully amicable, when the producer tweeted quickly after the news broke, "The only truth here is that a relationship concerned an finish & what stays is a vast amount the love and also respect." back Swift re-tweeted Harris, later, Harris unfollowed his ex on society media, and also the 2 deleted pics that each various other off their accounts.

But tension in between the two involved a how amazing head the next month, many thanks to Harris" Twitter slams.

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"I know you"re turn off tour and also you require someone brand-new to shot and bury choose Katy ETC but I"m not that guy, sorry. Ns won"t permit it," he tweeted. "Please emphasis on the positive facets of your life because you"ve earned a good one."

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These days, both have appeared to relocate on. If Swift recently break-up from Hiddleston, Harris was snapped arm-in-arm with 26-year-old actress and singer Eiza Gonzalez ~ above Saturday night in Los Angeles.

Watch below:

Calvin Harris Spotted Arm-in-Arm through Eiza Gonzalez amid Taylor Swift's separation From Tom Hiddleston