Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins room my weakness, and they’re not as fat and carb loaded together the chain’s civilization famous doughnuts.

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Introduced in 1972, Munchkins room donut hole treats that remind united state of the joys that childhood. Think date of birth parties and kid gatherings.

They’re additionally a an excellent way to gain a small taste of miscellaneous sweet without eating whole donut.

Dunkin’ describes the treat together “Shareable and also Snackable Perfection,” and it’s also totally free of artificial dyes, i m sorry is quite because artificial dyes carry out no actual value.

These bite-sized balls of street don’t save on computer too numerous calories or grams the fat, but some arrays are healthier 보다 others. You deserve to see the finish nutrition information below, so you have the right to determine i beg your pardon one is best for you.

One Munchkin save between 60 and also 90 calories, on average. And also they’re accessible in ranges such as the ones below:

GlazedJellyPowderedGlazed BlueberryButternutGlazed ChocolateGlazed Old FashionedOld FashionedCinnamonPowdered

Calories in Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins

The initial Munchkin, i m sorry is the Powdered Munchkin, has 60 calories, of i m sorry 50 percent space from fat, 40 percent native carbs, and 4 percent native protein sources.

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See the table listed below to get an ext detailed details on all varieties. (Serving Size: 1 Munchkin)

MunchkinsCaloriesCalories from FatTotal FatSaturated FatTrans FatCholesterolSodiumTotal CarbohydrateFiberSugarsProtein
Old Fashioned60303.5g1.5g0g5mg50mg6g0g2g1g
Glazed Old Fashioned70303.5g1.5g0g5mg50mg9g0g4g1g
Glazed Chocolate70303.5g1.5g0g0mg95mg8g0g4g1g
Glazed Blueberry70303.5g1.5g0g5mg70mg9g0g5g1g

Nutritional information via: Dunkin’ Donuts.