Try this Vodka Soda recipe: a tangy, bubbly drink! It’s light and refreshing, v slightly less calories than the common cocktail.


Here’s a cocktail that’s light, refreshing, and also goes under easy: the Vodka Soda! Cousin to the Vodka Tonic, the vodka soda is even an ext tart and refreshing. Simply lime, vodka and also soda water do the best hydrating combination! Bonus: it’s a low calorie cocktail, too. This ide is actually called a “rickey”, a standard cocktail made v liquor and soda water. Here’s how to do it and also a bit an ext about the drink!

What’s a Vodka Soda?

The vodka soda is a highball cocktail made v vodka, lime juice, and also soda water. The principle of watering under spirits has actually a lengthy history. The drink is concerned the Gin Rickey, a cocktail created in the 1880’s! that was very first created through bourbon, climate became an extremely popular through gin a couple of years later, pairing the heart with lime juice and soda water. Other cocktails that usage this ide are the Whiskey Highball, Ranch Water, the Mojito, and the Aperol Spritz.

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How to make a vodka soda? It’s an extremely simple, like most highball cocktails! Grab these ingredients and pour them right into a glass:

Vodka: any type of typeLime juice: native a fresh lime, not bottled lime juice!

Vodka soda calories

Some people select this drink because it’s taken into consideration a “healthy cocktail” and also has much less calories than the standard cocktail. How plenty of calories in a vodka soda? This drink has actually 135 calories, 131 of i m sorry come indigenous the 2 ounces that vodka in this drink. Just how does this stack up contrasted to other cocktails? Here’s a compare of some well-known drinks with the calorie in vodka soda:

Vodka soda: 135 caloriesWhiskey sour: 224 caloriesNegroni: 200 caloriesOld Fashioned: 155 caloriesMargarita: 166 calories

In general, most cocktails have between 150 and also 200 calories. For this reason while the vodka soda has actually slightly reduced calories than various other drinks, it’s not considerably so. If you’re worried around calories: opt because that water instead!

Step the up: add garnishes to your vodka soda

The vodka soda is a laid back cocktail that takes precise 2 minute to make. However want to do it look at a tiny fancier because that entertaining? Here’s what come do:

Try clean ice. Clear ice is crystal clear rather of cloudy prefer normal ice. Girlfriend can cut it right into organic shapes and it looks favor it’s indigenous a fancy bar. Add a straw. Cute, vivid straws space the perfect accessory. Put a cherry ~ above top. There’s something about a cocktail cherry that makes the mood much more festive.

Related drinks: heart + soda water

The ide of watering under alcohol goes back hundreds the years. For example, a alcohol Spritzer is alcohol diluted with water, which started earlier in the 19th century together a way to do bubbly wine. Here are a few famous cocktails that use soda water or tonic water to water down the alcohol:

When to serve a vodka soda

The vodka soda is bubbly and also refreshing.

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It works well for summer, yet you deserve to drink it anytime (and us do!). It’s good for serving as a:

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