Alcoholic drinks, like numerous other drinks, save calories the can add up quickly. Going the end for a pair of drinks can include 500 calories, or more, come your everyday intake. Many alcoholic drink have small to no nutritional value. If you room trying to shed weight or preserve a healthy weight, girlfriend will want to watch how much you drink. Cocktails combined with soda, juice, cream, or ice cream cream can have specifically high calorie counts. If you discover you are having actually trouble cutting back on alcohol, talk with your health care provider.

Here is a list of some well-known alcoholic beverages, their serving sizes, and also the number of calories in each.

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Calorie counting - alcohol addict beveragesBEVERAGESERVING SIZECALORIESBeerDistilled AlcoholLiqueursMixed DrinksWine
Beer (light)12 oz (355 ml) 103
Beer (regular)12 oz (355 ml) 153
Beer (higher alcohol, handmade beers)12 oz (355 ml) 170 to 350
Gin (80 proof)1.5 oz (45 ml)97
Gin (94 proof)1.5 oz (45 ml)116
Rum (80 proof)1.5 oz (45 ml)97
Rum (94 proof)1.5 oz (45 ml)116
Vodka (80 proof)1.5 oz (45 ml)97
Vodka (94 proof)1.5 oz (45 ml)116
Whiskey (80 proof)1.5 oz (45 ml)97
Whiskey (94 proof)1.5 oz (45 ml)116
Coffee liqueur1.5 oz (45 ml)160
Coffee liqueur v cream1.5 oz (45 ml)154
Crème de menthe1.5 oz (45 ml)186
Bloody Mary4.6 oz (136 ml) 120
Chocolate martini2.5 oz (74 ml)418
Cosmopolitan2.75 oz (81 ml)146
Daiquiri2.7 oz (80 ml) 137
Highball8 oz (235 ml)110
Hot buttered rum8 oz (235 ml)292
Mai Tai4.9 oz (145 ml)306
Margarita4 oz (120 ml)168
Mimosa4 oz (120 ml)75
Mint Julep4.5 oz (135 ml)165
Mojito6 oz (177 ml)143
Pina colada6.8 oz (200 ml)526
Rum and also Coke8 oz (235 ml) 185
Rum and also Diet Coke8 oz (235 ml)100
Tequila sunrise6.8 oz (200 ml)232
Vodka and also tonic7 oz (207 ml)189
Whiskey sour3 oz (89 ml)125
White Russian8 oz (235 ml)568
White table wine5 oz (145 ml)128
Gewurztraminer5 oz (145 ml)128
Muscat5 oz (145 ml)129
Riesling5 oz (145 ml)129
Chenin Blanc5 oz (145 ml)129
Chardonnay5 oz (145 ml)128
Sauvignon Blanc5 oz (145 ml)128
Fume Blanc5 oz (145 ml)128
Pinot Grigio5 oz (145 ml)128
Dry dessert wine3.5 oz (90 ml)157
Red table wine5 oz (145 ml) 125
Petite Sirah5 oz (145 ml)125
Merlot5 oz (145 ml)122
Cabernet Sauvignon5 oz (145 ml)122
Red Zinfandel5 oz (145 ml) 129
Burgundy5 oz (145 ml)122
Pinot Noir5 oz (145 ml)121
Claret5 oz (145 ml)122
Syrah5 oz (145 ml)122
Red dessert wine3.5 oz (90 ml)165

Weight loss - calorie counting - alcoholic beverages; Overweight - calorie count - alcohol addict beverages; obesity - calorie counting - alcoholic beverages

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