Sushi Calories and Nutritional Information

Thankfully sushi is no a particularly fattening food, and also a short calorie enjoy the meal is not out that the cards if you have a craving because that sushi. If the rice in sushi includes a same amount the carbohydrates, sushi can be consumed without rice (as sashimi) and in moderation, even a conventional sushi item can be a healthy and balanced treat without breaking the calorie bank. In this section we to mark the the calories in sushi and also the nutritional worths for typical sushi items you will likely find in your episode dining adventures. We have gathered information on nigiri sushi (finger sushi), maki sushi (rolls), sashimi, next items friend may find at a Japanese restaurant, and even items that are typically found at grocery stores like totality Foods. Us hope that this info will assist you make educated decisions.

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roll namecaloriesper rollfatgrams per rollcarbsgrams per rollfibergrams per rollproteingrams every rollweight watcherspoints plus1 One roll is usually reduced into 6 large pieces. These are estimates based upon data gathered from miscellaneous restaurants and supermarkets that make their details publicly available. All information on this page is estimated from these data, not absolute as various restaurants might make your rolls differently2 Fiber is calculated per roll based upon information native the USDA Nutritional Database
Basic episode Rolls (estimated per whole roll, not each piece)1
Avocado Roll1405.7285.82.14.0
California Roll2557.0385.89.06.0
Kappa Maki(cucumber roll)1360.0303.56.03.0
Spicy Tuna Roll29011.0263.5247.5
Shrimp Tempura Roll50821.0644.52013.0
Salmon & Avocado Roll3048.7425.8137.0
Tobiko and also Raw Quail Egg2741.88.21.310.42.0
Tuna (Maguro) Roll1842.0273.5245.0
Yellowtail & Scallion Roll2452.6371.9155.8
Eel (Unagi) and avocado Roll37217.0315.8209.0

sushi itemenglishcaloriesper piecefatgrams per piececarbsgrams every piecefibergrams every pieceproteingrams every pieceweight watcherspoints plusAt an mean restaurant, the neta, or fish component of a sushi item will certainly weigh roughly 0.5 oz, if a item of sashimi will certainly weigh around 1 oz, relying on who prepares the fish.
Sushi item details per item of nigiri sushi (fish top top rice bed)
AmaebiSweet Shrimp600.
AnagoConger Eel632.
HamachiYoung Yellowtail510.
HokkigaiSurf Clam510.
HotategaiGiant Scallop430.
IkuraSalmon Roe390.
Kani (real)King Crab Leg430.
Kani (fake)Fake Crab Leg430.
KatsuoSkipjack, Bonito450.
KohadaGizzard shad402.
MaguroTuna (Bluefin)500.
SakeSalmon (Farmed)561.
SakeSalmon (Wild)500.
Shiro MaguroWhite Tuna (Albacore)551.
SuzukiSea Bass410.
TaiRed sea bream, Red Snapper410.
TamagoJapanese Omelet752.
UniSea Urchin641.

sashimi itemenglishcaloriesper ouncefatgrams every ouncecarbsgrams per ouncefibergrams every ounceproteingrams per ounceweight watcherspoints plusAt an mean restaurant, the neta, or top component (e.g. Fish) the a episode item will weigh around 0.5 oz, while a item of sashimi will certainly weigh roughly 1 oz, depending upon who prepares the fish.3 A usual serving of ankimo will certainly be 1.5 ounces. Float your mouse right here for full serving nutritional information and source.N.B. Sashimi is also a particularly an excellent choice for those top top low carbohydrate diets early the high protein, low carbohydrate profile of countless fish.
Sashimi item details per 1 ounce piece just fish, no rice)
AmaebiSweet Shrimp300.
AnagoConger Eel674.
AnkimoMonkfish Liver605.
HamachiYoung Yellowtail411.
HokkigaiSurf Clam420.
HotategaiGiant Scallop260.
IkuraSalmon Roe190.
Kani (real)King Crab Leg270.
Kani (Surimi)Fake Crab Leg270.
KatsuoSkipjack, Bonito290.
KohadaGizzard shad193.
MaguroTuna (Bluefin)401.
SakeSalmon (Farmed)523.
SakeSalmon (Wild)401.
Shiro MaguroWhite Tuna (Albacore)492.
SuzukiSea Bass220.
TaiRed sea bream, Red Snapper220.
Tamago ( 1 pc )Japanese Omelet452.
UniSea Urchin341.

roll namecaloriesper 100gfatgrams per 100gcarbsgrams per 100gfibergrams per 100gproteingrams every 100gweight watcherspoints plus4 These values were provided by Genji Express, the company that to produce the sushi for whole Foods in countless of your stores. Prior to assuming that these worths will exactly complement your purchase, you re welcome ensure the the sushi you acquisition from totality Foods was produced by Genji Express. Additionally keep in mind the these values space per 100g, not per package, uneven otherwise indicated.

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Whole foods Sushi items (per 100g the the details item)4
All Salmon Nigiri Combo196430184.5
Avocado Cucumber Roll158232144.0
Blazing Chili soy Roll172233144.0
Brown Rice Avocado Cucumber Roll165232334.0
Brown Rice California Roll177231244.0
Brown Rice Salmon Avocado Roll197530275.0
Brown Rice Shrimp California Roll185233274.5
Brown Rice Spicy Shrimp Tempura Roll199336185.0
Brown Rice Spicy Tuna Avocado Roll189430264.5
Brown Rice Tuna Avocado Roll165331254.0
California Roll171233134.0
Chef"s Assorted Nigiri (6pc)1674240104.4
Crabmeat California Roll170134154.0
Double Salmon Roll188626164.5
Multi-Grain Avocado Cucumber Roll173333244.5
Multi-Grain California Roll189234254.0
Multi-Grain Salmon Avocado Roll205533275.0
Multi-Grain Spicy Shrimp Tempura Roll207339185.5
Rainbow Roll186430174.5
Salmon Avocado Roll190433165.0
Salmon & Tuna Nirigi roll Combo178331184.5
Shrimp California Roll177236164.5
Shrimp Summer role (w/ sweet chili sauce) *per serving1700.532194.5
Spicy Shrimp Tempura Roll193240074.5
Spicy Tuna Cucumber Roll176234054.5
Summer Breeze Roll159232144.0
Tuna Avocado Roll179333154.5
The complying with rolls are provided per serving (package), not per 100g
Vegetable Salad Dressing role - White Rice (261g)59034643815.5
Vegetable Salad Dressing role - Brown Rice (261g)58035597915.0
Vegetable Salad Dressing role - Multi-Grain (261g)59034644915.5

itemserving sizecaloriesper servingfatgrams per servingcarbsgrams per servingfibergrams per servingproteingrams per servingweight watcherspoints plus
Other Items
Edamame1/2 cup1003.
Ginger (gari)13g9.
Mayonaise (Kewpie)1 Tbsp505.
Miso (plain)1 Tbsp301.
Miso Soup (w/o tofu)1 Cup401.
Nori (seaweed)1 sheet130.
Sushi Rice1/2 cup1210.2332.52.23.5
Seaweed Salad (Chukka Sarada)2oz704.0101.01.02.0
Soy Sauce (shoyu)1 Tbsp (15ml)
Sunomono (cucumber salad)1 Cup462.
Wasabi (fake)4g7.
Wasabi (real)4g4.

We fist our readers that together with any hand-crafted food, a comparable sushi item do by two various sushi chefs might have various proportions the ingredients, and also therefore various values because that calories, fat, carbohydrates, and also protein. Restaurants might also include ingredients, such as mayonnaise, to part rolls i m sorry will increase their caloric values over ours baseline data. However, the information in this section should provide you a great approximation the the calorie and also nutritional content of various sushi items in order to make an informed decision concerning the weight loss advantages of lean protein and sushi in general.

Please save in mind that we at The episode FAQ space not nutritionists or dietitians. We have actually simply compiled data from official sources (e.g. The USDA) and data native restaurants and also supermarkets in bespeak to carry out our readers v a solitary source of accurate numbers. By popular need for a load Watchers PointsPlus list, we have added estimated load Watchers clues for sushi items (usually rounded come the nearest fifty percent point) calculated native the nutritional worths provided. Meshi agare!