It’s a common misconception that beer is much more calorific than wine. In fact, the calories contained within in an mean pint of beer, compared with a 175ml glass of wine are reasonably similar.

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A tendency for beer yoga has actually gathered pace in the past year

According come Drinkaware, a 175ml glass of standard red or white alcohol will set you back around 160 calories, if an mean pint the beer contains about 180 calories.

Despite this, beer still has a reputation for being more calorific 보다 a glass of Pinot Grigio. Probably it’s miscellaneous to perform with the creeping fear of a ‘beer belly’? either way, in a time of fitness bloggers, health and wellness food fanatics and also clean eating, a trend for lighter, much less calorific beers, as well as wines and spirits, is alive and well.

Last year thin Prosecco was introduced onto the market, claiming come contain simply 67 calories every 125ml glass, complying with in the footsteps that US fact TV star Bethenny Frankel’s slim Girl Prosecco in 2013 – two amongst many short calorie choices within the portfolios of large wine producers.

While this year has actually seen a rising trend for beer yoga, combining a sweaty yoga conference with article workout beer.

“BeerYoga is fun but it’s no joke,” claims the founder the Berlin-based BierYoga, known simply as Jhula. “We take it the viewpoints of yoga and also pair it v the pleasure of beer drink to reach your greatest level of consciousness. The pleasure of drink beer and the mindfulness of yoga compliment each other and make because that an energising experience,” Julha added.

Whether beer yoga is your thing or not, people are ending up being increasingly health and wellness conscious, a transition that brewers have actually not failed to choose up on.

The UK government is currently placing press on drinks producers to carry out the nutritional info of their products, v the drink trade provided one year come come up through a self-regulatory calorie labelling proposal.

Earlier this year Pernod Ricard stated it would carry out a web link to nutritional details on the brand of all of its strategy brands, following a report by the EU board of directors inviting the profession to devise its own calorie labelling strategy. Other producers, including Diageo, Treasury and also ABInBev, have already made similar pledges, giving nutritional details on a voluntary basis with a combination of online information and also on-pack labelling.

As the drinks trade moves toward more detailed calorie labelling, we have rounded up some of the the very least calorific beers top top the market, perfect for once you’re trying to shed a couple of pounds yet refuse to give up your brew.

NB: every nutritional info relates come a 12oz serving, which equals one can and also just end a 330ml bottle.

Do you recognize of a an especially tasty low calorie brew? leave a comment below.

10. Guinness Draught

Calories: 125

ABV: 4.2%

Producer: Guinness, Diageo

You might think that a Guinness Stout is among the much more calorific selections of beer, due to its creamy texture and caramel flavour. In fact, it is among the the very least calorific. A 330ml serving of Guinness will set you back just 125 calories.

Alcohol is the key offender because that calories, through Guinness just 4.2%. That is dark colour and also sweetness come from small amounts the roasted barley, while the creamy texture results from its use of CO2 and also nitrogen in the carbonation, contrasted with regular beers that just use carbon dioxide. Nitrogen bubbles are smaller sized than CO2 bubbles, leading to a smoother mouthfeel.

9. Environment-friendly Flash Sea come Sea

Calories: 120

ABV: 4%

Producer: Green Flash unavoidable Company, san Diego

This unfiltered Zwickel style brew comes from the mountain Diego-based eco-friendly Flash brewing Company, made with German Pilsner malts, Hallertau Mittelfreüh and Czech Saaz hops, 2-row barley, and also traditional Pilsner yeast.

The conference brew is defined as having actually a “light body through subtle sweet malt and fruity hop flavors, significant lager yeast, and a crisp, clean finish”, and also comes in at just 120 calories a can!

8. Coors light

Calories: 102

ABV: 4.2%

Producer: Molson Coors

Jean Claude valve Damme’s beer that choice, Coors irradiate is an American classic, and at just 102 calorie a bottle is an excellent for beer lover watching your waistline.

First brewed in 1978 Coors Light has actually grown right into a brand that this day sells much more than 25 million barrels worldwide, through Belgian actor Van Damme special in numerous TV campaigns for the brand, fan to that tagline “Damme cold”.

7. Brooklyn 1/2 Ale

Calories: 102

ABV: 3.4%

Producer: Brooklyn Brewery, brand-new York

At just 3.4% this irradiate brew from the Brooklyn Brewery is a welcome addition to our ring up, equivalent Coors light in terms of its calorie content, regardless of its reduced abv.

Brooklyn 1/2 ale is an unfiltered saison made through German Pilsner and German Dark Munich malts, Ahtanum, Sorachi Ace, Amarillo and also Simcoe hops, v the addition of some sweet orange peel.

“Brooklyn Brewery 1/2 Ale harks back to timeless farmhouse ales, which supplied to quench the thirsty of farmhands and other labourers on warm sunny days,” claims the brewery. “These saisons were complex yet clean, short in alcohol and high in refreshment.”

6. Corona Light

Calories: 99

ABV: 3.9%

Producer: Gruppo Modelo/AB InBev for Mexico and all other markets. Constellation Brands because that export come the US 

Dropping listed below the 100 calorie mark, Corona Light has just 99 calories, v an abv the 4%, contrasted with 148 because that its traditional version. Enjoyed with a wedge of lime it is among the world’s most famous beers, explained by that brand owner together “a irradiate bodied, dry, crisp and also refreshing beer”.

Owned by ab InBev, the Corona brand completed sales growth of 33.3% in 2016, according to the company’s most recent complete year results.

5. Fearbut Light

Calories: 96

ABV: 4.2%

Producer: Molson Coors

Miller Lite, likewise known together Lite, lays claim to gift the original ‘light’ beer brand, conceived by Frederick fearbut in 1975, and also was definitely one of the first mainstream light beers.

The 4.2% abv pilsner, which come in at simply 96 calorie a bottle, was very first developed in 1967 by Joseph L. Owades, a biochemist working for new York’s Rheingold Brewery. His cooking recipes was given to one of Miller’s rivals, Chicago’s Meister Brau, which subsequently released the Meister Brau “Lite”. Meister Brau later sold its labels to müller in 1972, v the recipe relaunched together “Lite” and later rebranded in 1998 together “Miller Lite.”

4. Barbell Brew

Calories: 92

ABV: 3.6%

Producer: Muscle Food

Body-building beer fans rejoice, you deserve to now drink a six load while functioning on your six pack. Muscle Food released Barbell Brew critical year as an alternate to protein shakes. The brew consists of 21.8g that protein, as lot as a sirloin steak, dead an abv that 3.6% and contains simply 92 calories.

Launching the beer last year, Darren Beale the Muscle Food said: “Living a healthy lifestyle have the right to be difficult, especially when you enjoy a drink through friends. However now our high-protein alternative means anyone deserve to enjoy a beer without the guilt.

“It’s likewise ideal as a post-workout protein source. It packs a lining 21.8g that protein every bottle and also is likewise a refreshing and delicious drink. Our rigorous taste tests have ensured it tastes similar to famous craft beers whilst stop 85% under carbohydrates and 33% much less calories than other famous brews.”

3. Bud Light

Calories: 89

ABV: 3.5% 4.2%

Producer: abdominal muscle InBev

A standard light beer in the US, this year abdominal InBev lugged Bud irradiate to brothers in what was defined as “the biggest ever brand launch” through the brewer.

The beer has actually been brewed to 3.5% for the UK market, contrasted with 4.2% in the US, coming in at simply 89 calories every 330ml bottle, or 12 oz can, although that is packed in the UK in 440ml cans.

The beer, i beg your pardon was created in the us in 1982, was released in the UK in solution to demand in the UK for beer through a lighter taste, fewer calories and also a reduced ABV, according to ab InBev, particulalry among younger consumers.

2. Skinny Lager

Calories: 89

ABV: 4%

Producer: skinny Brands

Matching Bud light in regards to calorie content, skinny Lager released last year aimed especially at the short calorie, healthy and balanced living market. Owned by SkinnyBrands, the 4% lager is brewed under licence at Cameron’s Brewery in Hartlepool.

The lager is not just low calorie, but additionally low carb, vegetables friendly, diabetic friendly and gluten free, and is explained as a “crisp and clean lager with a solid and refreshing hoppy depth that outperforms any kind of other irradiate beer on the market.”

1. Bikini Beer

Calories: 81

ABV: 2.7%

Producer: Evil pair Brewing, Brooklyn, new York

Despite coming in at just 2.7% Bikini Beer “is anything however a sissy beer”, speak its producers, but an “attractively light bodied, seductively well balanced and an extremely drinkable” brew, containing just 81 calories per 12 oz can.

Its name is no a patronising recommendation to the quest of a ‘bikini body’, yet to the beginning of the bikini garment itself, i m sorry holds surprising links to an atom bomb check ground called Bikini Atol in the Marshall islands in the oriental Pacific.

In 1946, four days ~ the first nuclear machine was detonated end Bikini Atoll, a mechanically engineer named Louis Réard presented a brand-new swimsuit design, named the bikini after and atom test.

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Réard hoped that his swimsuit’s revealing layout would produce an “explosive advertisement and social reaction” comparable to the social reaction provoked by the 1946 nuclear explosion in ~ Bikini Atoll.