Believe me as soon as I say that the an initial time i heard that purposefully foregoing food for whole day, ns was an ext than apprehensive. (I can recall one various other time that I’ve done this in mine life, and also that was after a very regretful trip to the buffet!) After in reality fasting for 24 hours, i was pleasantly surprised by both the results of the fast and by myself. In component 2 the this series on intermittent fasting (IF), we will existing the basics of the 24 hour fast, hacks to help you successfully fast, and also the optimal pros and also cons that this IF method.

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Calorie restriction = weight loss

Brad Pilon, writer of Eat avoid Eat, points out that, “Prolonged calorie border is the only proven nutritional technique of load loss” <1>. While much confusion surrounds diet trends and also recommendations, if together a thing as an irrefutable fact exists in the nutrition world, this fact would it is in it. In bespeak to lose weight, an adverse energy balance is required <2>. In various other words, you must expend more calories 보다 you consume therefore you deserve to eat less, practice more, or much better yet, combine the two in bespeak to accomplish weight loss.

For many of us, it’s hard to border calories, specifically in the long term. I picked the 24 hour fast due to the fact that I discover it less complicated to totally control myself for at some point a week 보다 to offer up foodstuffs I love work after day. It’s necessary to keep in mind that you need to still be eating within reason on the other six work of the week. Because that example, if you need 2,000 calories a day, eat 2,000 calories six days a week, and also fast because that one day. Nothing think the you deserve to now eat 4,000 calories 6 days a week, fast for one day, and still lose weight.

What the 24 hour rapid looks like: when a week, quick for 24 hours. As soon as the fasting duration passes, continue with eating together if you had actually not fasted at all. When Eat avoid Eat suggests fasting 1-2 times every week, I’m not sure exactly how sustainable 2 days the fasting in a mainly is for the mean person. When I tried fasting because that two entirety days, i did not find the very same success.


But wait, I have some concerns!

Now that we’ve cleared the wait on those concerns, let’s acquire into some an ext detail.

The rules of the 24 hour fast:

No foodstuffs are turn off the table

During your 6 feeding days, yet you still need to eat within regular means. Eat reasonably and also the finest you can, however don’t feeling restricted.

No calories throughout the 24 hour fast, despite calorie-free drinks room both enabled and encouraged!

Break the fast with balance and reason.

Break the fast with a regular-sized meal. Despite there room benefits to IF beyond calorie restriction alone, you won’t accomplish much weight loss if girlfriend shovel down a day’s worth of calories every time you rest the fast. (You spent the day helping to reset her appetite thermostat. Take advantage of that fact, and also remember come reframe your perspective that hunger.)

More walk not mean better.

If girlfriend can rapid one whole day a week, great. If you have the right to do this double a week, the much more power to you. However, limit your IF come a preferably of two totality days a week.

Keep pump iron.

If you desire to preserve muscle, make sure to proceed weight training.

The #1 way to lull the (hunger) pain

Fast on a day once you room busy and also don’t have any kind of meal obligations, such together a having lunch meeting. The very first time ns tried fasting for 24 hours, ns did for this reason on a day that was low-key and boring. I assumed it made feeling to quick on a day as soon as I to be exerting small to no energy and also had small to do. Large mistake. While i am not arguing a fast on marathon day, definitely fast on a day when you room occupied and also have much less time come obsess over food.

Pros the the 24 hour fast:

It is very simple:There is no facility meal to plan or meal prep involved. Because that one day, as soon as a week, you protect against eating.It’s non-restrictive:The other six days of the week, you walk on living your life as normal.It’s maintainable and also sustainable:I have the right to see myself fasting for sooner or later out the the week because that the rest of my life. Due to the fact that the success of any kind of diet is mostly contingent top top whether people can adhere come its rules, success relies on the irreversible maintenance the calorie restriction. I believe that many people would be able to practice the 24 hour fast for a really long time.I regained self-control:I constantly talk around how ‘hangry’ I get when ns don’t eat, but I realized the food doesn’t manage me. I elected to no eat for 24 hours, and also I was just fine.You can accumulation your tolerance:While it can initially be complicated to fast for 24 hours, the gets less complicated with practice.

Cons the the 24 hour fast:

Potential headaches:The an initial time ns fasted because that a day, my head hurt a little bit in the later hrs of the fast. However, i didn’t have any kind of problems the 2nd time ns fasted, and also a combination of slowly increasing her fasting periods and also staying hydrated deserve to keep headaches at bay.Beware the post-fast binge-eating:After the first two times i fasted, ns binged and also broke my fasts v meals of around 1200 calories. Be wary and don’t go crazy break the fast. Eat a typical meal, as if you had not fasted in ~ all.Your breath stinks:Despite staying very hydrated, this is just inescapable after a work of fasting.Elite athletes and endurance athletes need to think twice about the 24 hour fast. If you space an upstream athlete cultivate multiple times a day, are participating in some kind of prolonged endurance sport, or are affiliated in any activity where performance is absolutely essential, the 24 hour quick is likely not best for you <6>.

Changes in weight

Be patient with the scale. The job after the fast, girlfriend will see the number ~ above the range drop considerably (anywhere indigenous one-half to three pounds) <6>. When a significant amount of this is water weight, you space still shedding fat <7>. ~ feeding generally for a few days, her weight will increase (to not rather baseline) as you reclaim body water. However, this doesn’t average that girlfriend aren’t shedding weight. Girlfriend are instead dropping fat at a slow, sustainable rate. If the lot of weight shed depends on body size, brief term fasting has actually been presented to aid individuals lose roughly 2% of your initial body weight after around three main of fasting <7>. Furthermore, in enhancement to load loss, IF have the right to be offered to keep weight ns in the long term.

Golden rules of IF success:

If you decide to shot IF, stay in-tune to your body!Fasting might require much more adjusting for part than for others; make sure you provide your human body time come adapt. IF may likewise not be for everyone, and also there is nothing wrong through that.Stay busy. nothing torture yourself by sitting on the couch and thinking about food all day. Instead, take part time come clear your head and also get her body moving. Walk for a go or catch up with friends.Hydrate, hydrate, and also hydrate.

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Water, tea, coffee… save the liquids coming.