Corns and calluses are tough or thick locations of skin that deserve to be painful. They're not frequently serious. There are things friend can try to ease them yourself.

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Check if you have a corn or callus

You mostly acquire corns and calluses on her feet, toes and also hands.

Corns are little lumps of tough skin.
Calluses are bigger patches the rough, special skin.


If you have diabetes, heart condition or troubles with her circulation, carry out not shot to act corns and calluses yourself.

These conditions can make foot problems an ext serious. Check out a GP or foot specialist.

Corns and also calluses space not often serious and also there room things you can shot to:

get to escape of lock yourselfstop them coming back


undertake thick, cushioned socks

wear wide, comfortable shoes v a short heel and soft sole that perform not rub

usage soft insoles or hoe pads in your shoes

soak corns and also calluses in warm water come soften them

consistently use a pumice stone or foot document to remove difficult skin

moisturise to help keep skin soft


perform not try to reduced off corns or calluses yourself

execute not to walk long ranges or was standing for long periods

carry out not wear high heels or tight pointy shoes

carry out not walk barefoot

You have the right to ask a pharmacist about:

heel pads and also insolesover-the-counter assets to law corns and also callusesdifferent type of pain relief
you have diabetesyou have heart condition or problems with your circulationit bleeds, or has any kind of pus or dischargeit has not improved after treating it at home for 3 weeksthe pain is severe or stopping you doing your normal activities What we typical by significant pain
severe pain: always there and also so poor it's difficult to think or talkyou cannot sleepit's an extremely hard come move, gain out of bed, walk to the bathroom, wash or dress
moderate pain: constantly theremakes it tough to concentrate or sleepyou can control to obtain up, to wash or dress

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: exactly how to call a GP

It's still vital to get assist from a GP if you need it. To contact your GP surgery:

visit their websitecall them

Find out around using the during COVID-19

Treatment for corns and also calluses

A GP can:

look at her foot to watch if it's a corn or callusgive friend antibiotics if a corn or callus is infectedrefer you to a foot specialist if they think friend need additional treatment

Treatment native a foot specialist

A foot specialist, such as a podiatrist, may be able to offer therapies such as:

cutting far the corn or calluspatches to help soften the hard skin therefore it have the right to be removedspecially make soft pads or insoles come take pressure off the pains area of her foot

Referral come a podiatrist top top the might not be accessible to everyone and also waiting times can be long. You can pay to view a podiatrist privately.

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Common reasons of corns or calluses

Corns and calluses are caused by push or rubbing the the skin top top the hands or feet.

For example, from:

wearing high heels, uncomfortable pair of shoes or shoes that room the not correct sizenot put on socks through shoeslifting heavy weightsplaying a musical instrument