Have you ever before received a telephone speak to with your own number showing up on the Caller ID?

Yeah, me too. And also it’s fairly frustrating come say the least.

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When that happens the natural instinct is come answer the call and give the scammer a item of your mind, but that’s a an extremely bad idea.

These days there are numerous unethical telemarketers (aka scammers) that spoof your victims’ very own phone number to fool them right into answering your calls.

Many that those cheat calls can be hard to identify because of this simply by looking at the Caller ID, however calls indigenous your own phone number are always fraudulent. That makes it straightforward to recognize and avoid them.

What happens when you answer those species of calls? Well, girlfriend unwittingly confirm both of the adhering to to the scammer:

1 – her phone number is in functioning order and hasn’t to be disconnected.

2 – call to her number are answered through a human being being rather of a machine.

You have the right to answer those calls and also rant and also rave all you desire to the scammers but that won’t protect against you from receiving more scam phone call in the future. In fact, it will certainly do just the opposite.

When girlfriend answer a scam call your number instantly gets put on the scammer’s “Active Numbers” list. That list is then offered to other scammers.

Before you recognize it you’ll it is in receiving numerous of those phone call each and every day. And also every time friend answer among them her number will finish up ~ above yet another list.

Once your number is on one or much more of those “Active Caller” lists the game is end – and you’ve lost due to the fact that the scam calls will never ever stop.

At that point you’ll only have actually two options to pick from:

1 – Live through the aggravation as finest you have the right to while just answering call from numbers you’re familiar with (but not your own!).

2 – adjust your phone number.

Yes, you have the right to block number that contact you over and over, however that won’t really help much in the long run.

The government won’t it is in of much help either because most of these calls originate from foreign countries.

Bottom line: The just effective means to attend to a call that appears to have actually been placed from your own number is to not answer it. Simply let that ring and also go come voice mail.

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