Modern war 2 Remastered is a chance to revisit the controversial level, but while there are interesting concepts in "No Russian," speak to of Duty battles to convey them.

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By Phil Hornshaw on April 4, 2020 at 5:33PM PDT

Call that Duty: contemporary Warfare 2 has a the majority of moments the stick in the memory, for a selection of reasons. The 2009 game"s campaign features a Russian invasion of the U.S., sees your player characters killed not once, but twice, and heralds the return the fan-favorite hero Captain Price. It additionally puts you in a position to gun down an airport full of civilians and also police in the well known mission, "No Russian."

The freshly released contemporary Warfare 2 Remastered project updates the game"s visuals and also sound, but the gameplay and also story are identical to what was initially released. Revisiting the video game demonstrates that modern Warfare 2"s extreme first-person shooter moment still wake up to an ext recent games and also remain as an effective as lock were an ext than a te ago. But the totality game resonates a bit in different way when thought about in the light of what has happened in the last 11 years. That"s never more apparent than v "No Russian."

I got in a replay of modern-day Warfare 2 through the expectation the "No Russian" and the remainder of the game"s story had actually been misunderstood end the years. ~ all, if there"s a subversive speak to of Duty game, modern-day Warfare 2 is probably it. The negative guy is one American general and the mission in i beg your pardon you have actually a hand in a massacre puts friend in the function of one American CIA operative. Ns had involved think that contemporary Warfare 2 was making a comment around United States foreign policy and also militarization, quite than simply being shocking because that shocking"s sake. Specifically after years of rising mass shootings, though, "No Russian" just comes off together callous. There could be interesting underlying ideas in modern Warfare 2, yet the video game either fails to commit to them, or speak its story therefore poorly that they don"t come across.

At the point you fight "No Russian," you play as PFC Joseph Allen, an military Ranger who has actually been recruited because that a secret mission by general Shepherd, the male in command of your personalities throughout the game. After a couple of levels together Allen in which friend fight the poor guys alongside a bunch of various other Rangers, you"re sent undercover come Russia to infiltrate the company of a terrorist named Makarov. As the game notes, you take on the name Alexei Bodorin because that the mission, yet you"re no primed because that what comes next.

When "No Russian" lots up, you"re equipped with a massive machine gun and also start in an elevator v Makarov and also a couple of other guys. Makarov speak the group, "Remember: no Russian," reminding them to speak only English, then measures out that the elevator right into a overfilled airport. Through no warning, Makarov and also his males start firing into the crowd of unarmed civilians, that scream, run in panic, writhe in pain on the ground, and, on numerous occasions, shot to crawl to safety, only to be enforcement by the terrorists at point-blank range.


You might likewise see the mission together Infinity Ward calling the end the U.S."s cavalier foreign policy. After all, girlfriend play a deep-cover CIA operative tasked with getting close come a terrorist--but girlfriend don"t protect against the terror attack, you take part in it. Every little thing the score the CIA or Shepherd have actually in infiltrating Makarov"s group, they"re ready to allow a massacre to continue in bespeak to attain it. Provided the real background of CIA intervention about the world and also its aftermath, it"s quite bold for speak to of Duty, a franchise usually around brave soldiers fighting turn off hordes of adversary combatants, to indicate that probably the U.S. And its organizations aren"t always on the side of right.

That"s intensified further as soon as you see how the story campaign all theatre out. At the finish of the massacre, undercover certified dealer Allen is eliminated by Makarov; apparently, the terror knew the agent"s true identification the entirety time. Allen"s human body is left behind as evidence that the massacre was carried out no by Russians, yet by Americans, bring about a full-on human being war. Russian troops attack the U.S. In an answer to the attack, and also you and the other military Rangers defeat parachuting soldiers in American suburbs and the literal White house in later missions.

But it turns out the Shepherd was in reality behind the entirety thing, somehow. Shepherd placed Allen undercover, and it seems most likely he leaked the agent"s true identity to Makarov. He later on betrays and kills an additional player character in order come intercept knowledge that links him come Makarov and to instigating the war. The entire story of modern Warfare 2 is a false flag operation lugged out by one American general to produce a brand-new war for, seemingly, an individual gain. Again, that"s a nice subversive suggest of a see for a franchise that"s continuously pro-military.

The trouble is, the game does so small to get any kind of of this ideas across in that story (or any kind of other ideas) the it"s no clear contemporary Warfare 2 actually has actually any. "No Russian" doesn"t put any kind of emphasis ~ above the truth that you"re a CIA operative in a really compromised position; the rest of the personalities move on after Allen is killed, cursing Makarov"s name, never acknowledging the reality that the gambit that blaming the U.S. For the massacre was feasible because you to be there, help him--or at least, not stopping him. Contemporary Warfare 2 doesn"t use any type of dialogue or context to suggest what point "No Russian," or any other component of that story, is trying come make, and also so it"s tough to guess in ~ what the scene is meant to convey. It"s easy, then, to chalk "No Russian" up together nothing much more than cheap and tasteless, an example of call of Duty trying to be edgy for edgy"s sake.

If modern Warfare 2 were better at storytelling, a challenging point of check out on violence, militarism, or battle would be much easier to accept. But Shepherd"s treason comes abruptly and out of nowhere towards the end of the game, and it"s tough to parse his motivations. (He seems mostly mad that a lot of soldiers died in the very first Modern Warfare, and he"s trying to engineer himself as a battle hero, although even this lot explanation is being generous with just how he"s illustrated in the game.) and also while there are American military negative guys come fight, over there are just as countless American good guys (as well together allies indigenous the UK, Australia, and also Russia), fighting the great fight for freedom. The game doesn"t stray too much from lionizing the military, particularly by portraying it driving away a enormous surprise assault on home soil.

And modern Warfare 2 doesn"t slow down in parading digital humans before you come kill, for this reason it"s difficult to buy the the inclusion of "No Russian" is intended to do you stop and consider the damages guns have the right to inflict on real people. Mixed in among the enemy soldiers space the occasional teammate or civilian who might stray right into your line of fire. Shoot too many of them and the video game will failure you, yet a tiny collateral damage goes by there is no remark.

So modern-day Warfare 2 maintains its shock value and also controversy, but if it"s an effort to make a comment about the American fetishization that guns, the U.S."s foreign policies, the willingness of the greedy and an effective to sacrifice civilians and also soldiers for their own ends, or the military industrial complex"s need to self-perpetuate through warfare, those things room muddled in ~ best.

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Modern warfare 2 Remastered is an superior visual update of what is inarguably a classic shooter, and also its huge moments--like retaking the White home or walking house-to-house through an American neighborhood--are just as exciting and also impactful as they were in 2009. Yet age and distance haven"t enhanced the questionable parts of contemporary Warfare 2, and they"re also tougher to overlook in the modern climate. It could be exciting to protect the burger Town and also chase down Shepherd in a Zodiac, but modern-day Warfare 2"s weakness make moments choose "No Russian" feeling exploitative an ext than informative to the story or an important part of the experience--especially in 2020.