Shortly ~ the Olympic games in Rio, where he capped his swimming career by advertise his total gold medal count to 28, the heard about an opportunity to star in a, live-action trailer because that Call of Duty: unlimited Warfare. “My agent had actually mentioned it come me and also I think it was a pretty quick, ‘Yes, I would love to and it would certainly be an honor,'” that told over the phone call in September.

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In the trailer, titled “ It, Let’s walk to Space,” Phelps bring his game confront during a heated fight inside a strength plant through actor Danny McBride (HBO’s Vice Principals), that made it tough for Phelps to store “a directly face.” The athlete filmed his scenes on a Saturday in long Beach, California, under the direction of Peter Berg (Deepwater Horizon), who formerly helmed 2014’s advertisement for Call of Duty: advanced Warfare v Taylor Kitsch. In one take, recorded in the image below, he brings his notorious Phelps challenge after McBride steals a kill.

“We had met before and being maybe to occupational with him this particular day was something that was a many fun,” Phelps said of Berg. “He’s somebody who obviously is an impressive director and he’s directed every these kinds of things. So, it to be cool, once he observed we acquired us did miscellaneous else, and also then we can kind of do improv, earlier and forth v one another. He works really fast and also it was absolutely an honor to be able to shoot with him.”

Tim Ellis, Activision’s chef marketing officer, referred to as Phelps “a an excellent sport” because that “taking a lot of trash talk from Danny.” he said, “The truth that Phelps is such a revered and also decorated athlete, the just added to the feeling of the scene. We had actually a ton of fun shooting those scenes, and also Michael was able to dish back to McBride in his own format too.”



This sort of marital relationship seems perfect for Phelps, who’s love for Call the Duty has essentially made that an unofficialize spokesman because that the franchise. In enhancement to talk up the gamings in assorted interviznjke.coms, he played them during Olympic training, and also was even invited to a special gaming event, the C.O.D. XP fan Festival.

“I do love the game and also I have spent a bunch of hours playing it, especially throughout training camps and also whenever us travel,” he added. “So, there’s absolutely a good, small friendly competition between the teammates and also it certainly takes our mind off contending when we’re traveling and it helps us relax a lot.”

Phelps to be still trying to find those moments to relax in September after the Games. When he rejoined with his family, he had actually to go ago on the roadway to tour throughout America prior to heading overseas. The explained, “When we room home, we’re do the efforts to gain the residence in order and also then get ready come get ago out ~ above the road. A child is challenging, but if I have actually a possibility to hop ~ above — if Nicole and also Boomer are both acquisition a nap in ~ the very same time, it’s constantly nice to be able to sneak in a game here and there.”

Despite rumors and also cryptic statements native teammate Ryan Lochte the he could emerge indigenous retirement because that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Phelps insists he’s out of the game. “The indigenous that i was perhaps gonna swimming in 2020 never ever came out of mine mouth, for this reason if that has been composed or quoted, it is misquoted,” the said. “Those words never ever came the end of mine mouth. Ns couldn’t be happier with how everything finished, yet being maybe to walk out how I desire to… on my terms i think is what I always dreamt of, and I think I have the right to say the now, and also I think two decades down the road once I have an possibility to look ago and simply smile or think around my career, I understand that I’ll it is in satisfied through how whatever went.”

Phelps might never follow Lochte’s footsteps ~ above Dancing v the Stars, yet he sees his “ road” as an opportunity “for part cool things,” choose filming the Call of Duty trailer.

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“Nicole and I are getting married soon, and also being maybe to proceed to grow our family is something I’m looking forward to,” the said.