THERE'S simply over a week znjke.comme go until Christmas eve - once Elf on The Shelf's job is done and also Santa will certainly be leaving presents for all the kids who have been nice.

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But if you're running the end of principles for place the festive toy around your residence for the kids, climate we've got a equipment that will take girlfriend a matter of minute to execute.


Your youngsters can obtain a phone referred to as from Elf top top The ShelfCredit: Alamy

We've said you exactly how to "trap" her Elf on The Shelf within a TV and Amazon Alexa, and now girlfriend can get the 'Elf' inside your mobile call too.

All you must do is download an app to your phone.

The 'Real Elf top top The Shelf Call' is totally free and can be provided on iPhone and also iPad.

It permits your youngsters to both make and also receive a simulated phone speak to from the famous character.


The 'Real Elf on The Shelf' application is free, and can be offered on iPhone and also iPad Credit: Appstore

There are choices for do the znjke.comntact last in between five seznjke.comnds and one hour.

The 'Elf' will ask questions like "what's your name?" and also "have you to be naughty or nice?"

It has received an ext than 3,000 reviews in the application Store.

Leaving a high rating, one human wrote: "I wanted to do this for my tiny sister and also overall it to be pretty good!"

Another znjke.commmented: "My youngsters love it."

A third shared: "My 5 year old to be so happy! us were having actually a an excellent old laugh!"

There's additionally a version that can be download on AndroidCredit: Neural znjke.comrrelate Society

And a fourth added: "My small znjke.comusin just likes talking to the tiny elf around how good he has been."

For those on Android phones, over there is one more app, additionally called 'Real Elf top top The Shelf Call', which you have the right to use.



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In other Christmas news, us told you just how a mum had actually "trapped" Elf on The Shelf inside Amazon Alexa.

We likewise revealed exactly how a mum was left cringing after finding out her son had actually written a really rude post in cards she'd already sent.

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And another mum makes £13 one hour deznjke.comrating trees for households who can't it is in bothered.

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