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" ancestors do the decision to sign up with the union 240 years ago, in a different world, one in which the federal federal government did no violate ours every right, and did no steal fifty percent of our money to money their tyranny," the team posted.

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The team published a list of an ext than 70 reasons that new Hampshire need to secede indigenous the union – varying from commonwealth " laws" to "" and violations that civil rights by commonwealth agencies – and suggested that the Granite State was well-positioned to walk it alone.

" Hampshire citizens are the hardest workers and earn the many money, which is prove by our continent-leading median household income," the group posted. " don’t need DC political leaders to be wealthy."

Sylvia newly came under criticism end comments the made on social media saying the pro-secessionists use stereotypes about illegal immigrant to additional their cause. That attracted a spicy rebuke from home Speaker Sherman Packard, R-Londonderry, who referred to as the comment ""

“Secession is not something residence Republican leadership is also remotely connected with, nor perform we condone gyeongju stereotyping of any type of kind," Packard claimed in a statement.

Last year, Sylvia was among seven lawmakers who signed a statement phone call Sununu a “tyrant,” and declaring that new Hampshire’s government was illegitimate.

New Hampshire autonomous Party chairman beam Buckley shrugged turn off Sylvia" sequence proposal together " crazy" in a article on society media.

In California, Texas and Utah, lawmakers have proposed similar measures in recent years seeking to sever ties with the commonwealth government. Nobody have gained much traction.

Many scholars have actually questioned the legality of says to secede indigenous Washington, D.C., however, mentioning that rulings by the U.S. Can be fried Court dating back to the polite War have actually deemed the to be unconstitutional.


It isn" just Mike Sylvia who introduced the bill for new Hampshire independence – my understanding is that 9 legislators have signed on together co-sponsors.

It is the federal federal government that has actually a massive (and unconstitutional) anti-immigrant border regulate enforcement routine costing taxpayers billions of dollars a year. Independence would median no much longer supporting the xenophobic bureaucracy and also waste. I suppose most civilization in the state would favor proceeding to have actually open boundaries with the joined States.

Even if the freedom bid doesn" at an initial succeed, just proposing it will give new Hampshire much more leverage in seeking far better treatment indigenous the commonwealth government, such as exemptions from various anti-freedom laws and regulations.

It" ridiculous to assert that states don" deserve to leave the U.S. That would certainly be tyranny, and versus the rule of self-determination known by global law. State governments developed the U.S. Commonwealth government and participate in it, and any of them can choose to end that relationship.

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