Many Americans room making the move from California come Arizona. Although this two says are near neighbors, there room a most differences in between the two. If you space planning to trade the gold State because that the cool Canyon State, check out on come discover much more about the significant state that Arizona, exactly how to go around relocating, and also the expense of relocating from California to Arizona.


Most well-known Cities in Arizona


Phoenix is the biggest city and the capital of Arizona and also has watched over 11% growth because 2010. World are attracted to this city for a number of reasons. Among the greatest draws is its location and close proximity to places like north Arizona, California, Mexico, and also Las Vegas. The weather is warm year round so residents deserve to enjoy outdoor activities any time that year. The see is also beautiful v stunning hill views and also gorgeous sunsets. Light traffic, affordable housing, and abundant outdoor activities make Phoenix and ideal ar to call home.


The 2nd most famous city in Arizona is Tucson. Surrounded by hills on all sides, this sprawling desert oasis is the perfect ar to reap plenty of sunshine and take in stunning sunsets. Known for its wide open spaces and fresh, clean air, Tucson has become a biking and running paradise.


This Phoenix neighbor has seen an ext than 13% growth because 2010. Indigenous the rugged mountains to the significant amenities, this city truly has actually it all. Scottsdale boasts upscale dining, a hold of nightlife, gorgeous golf courses, unique shopping, and also is taken into consideration a nature lover’s paradise.


Gilbert was called the most safe city in Arizona and also is well-known for its great public institution system. This family-friendly ar boasts loads of walking and biking paths, terrific restaurants, strange shops, and an array of out festivals and also activities.


A growing variety of millennials are relocating to Tempe, Arizona. In fact, it has been ranked among the optimal 20 locations to live in the U.S. For civilization in their 20’s and 30’s. Its main location puts it within minutes that both Scottsdale and also Phoenix, so residents have the right to work in any type of of the 3 cities. It’s distinct neighborhoods, low-cost the living, and an excellent music and also restaurant scene do this growing city a colorful place come work and also play.

How to move from California to Arizona

Moving is a stressful time and also it can be even more daunting when you are moving to a new state. If you are planning a lengthy distance move, pick a agency you can trust, such as van Lines. Ranked one of the ideal moving suppliers in the country, has made an ext than 750,000 moves in the past 15 years. They specialize in long-distance moving, offering you peace of mind understanding that her belongings space in an excellent hands. Allow the professionals at take some of the stress out of your move so girlfriend can emphasis on the excitement of beginning your brand-new life in Arizona.

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