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California RepublicanPresidential Nominating process Primary:Tuesday3March2020
CandidateDelegate Votes
Hard TotalFloor
Trump, Donald John172100.00%172100.00%

Delegate Binding: Winner-Take-All (district and statewide) Primary. Voter Eligibility: closed Primary.

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172 total delegates - 10 base at-large / 159 re: 53 congressional districts / 3 party

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Bylaws the the California Republican Party.

6 to 8 September 2019: The California Republican Party"s State Convention adjusted the Party"s rule to permit a special State Convention to choose the nationwide convention delegates. This brand-new rule would be offered if the Party"s pending lawsuit against the legislation which needs presidential candidates to relax their taxation returns in stimulate to show up on the state"s main ballot fails and also President trump card is preserved off the Republican primary ballot.

2020 California election Guide and also Presidential primary Election - in march 3, 2020 from the California Secretary of State.

3 march 2020 main returns indigenous the California Secretary of State.

Senator Ricardo Lara introduced SB 568 top top 11 April 2017. The state legislature happen SB 568 (Assembly 55-21 top top 15 September; Senate 26-10 top top 16 September). Branch Jerry Brown (Democratic) signed the invoice on 27 September. This law moves every primaries native June come the "1st Tuesday after the first Monday in march in each even-numbered year" (effective 1 January 2019).30 July 2019: branch Gavin Newsom (Democratic) signed SB 27 which calls for presidential candidates to relax their taxation returns in bespeak to appear on the state"s primary ballot. The state"s Constitution states "The candidates on the (presidential primary) ballot are those found by the Secretary of State come be recognized candidates transparent the nation or throughout California"

.21 November 2019: The California supreme Court rules the regulation violates the state"s constitution.

This Presidential Primary corresponds with a state/local primary. These coinciding primaries often tend to have actually an influence upon voter turnout.

Under California law, voters must be registered as Republicans to request a Republicans main ballot.

Tuesday 3 in march 2020: California Primary. Hrs 7:00a-8:00p PST (1500-0400 UTC). Delegate Binding: Winner-Take-All (district and also statewide) Primary. Voter Eligibility: close up door Primary.

PrimarySource: California Secretary the State.Status: Official. Retrieved: Sunday 3 may 2020.Included in Nationwide vote.

Donald john Trump2,279,08692.21%William Floyd "Bill" Weld66,9042.71%Joe Walsh64,7492.62%Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente, Jr.24,3510.99%Matthew man "Matt" Matern15,4690.63%Robert Ardini12,8570.52%Zoltan Gyurko Istvan8,1410.33%Denis C. Grasska (write-in)170.00%Robert Lee Manning, Jr. (write-in)60.00%

All 172 the California"s delegates to the Republican national Convention room pledged to presidential contenders in today"s California Presidential Primary.

... For the 2020 main Election, if California law imposes added requirements top top presidential candidates to be put on the ballot and a nationally known candidate for President is denied accessibility to the ballot, the Committee shall meet after march 15, 2020 and determine the Presidential candidate who shall recognize the slate of delegates and alternate delegates to the Presidential Nominating Convention. This subdivision shall be inoperative together of January 1, 2021 .

For the 2020 main Election ... In any kind of congressional district, or in ~ large, chandelier be based on the complying with formula native the primary Election votes.

If a presidential candidate receives a majority (50% add to 1) that the ... Statewide vote, that candidate shall it is in awarded all of California"s congressional and also at-large delegates.... If no candidate obtain a majority of the ... Statewide vote, climate delegates ... Shall be awarded proportionally. Come qualify for receiving delegates a candidate obtain at the very least 20% of the Republican statewide vote....

PrimarySource: California Secretary that State.Status: Official. Retrieved: Sunday 3 may 2020.


Statewide: Trump, having received 50%+ the the statewide vote, wins every 172 delegates.

In addition, 3 party leaders, the national Committeeman, the nationwide Committeewoman, and also the chairman the the California"s Republican Party, will certainly attend the convention as pledged delegates by virtue of your position.

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The presidential candidate who got the many Republican statewide votes chandelier determine an initial which of your delegates will be selected. Each presidential candidate receiving delegates, shall choose their delegates in the order of the statewide Republican vote received.

Each delegate to the Republican nationwide Convention chandelier usehis or her best efforts at the convention because that the party"spresidential nominee candidate indigenous California to whom the delegatehas pledged support until the person is nominated because that the office ofPresident that the United states by the convention, receives less than10 percent that the votes for nomination through the convention, releasesthe delegate from his or she obligation, or until two conventionnominating ballots have been taken. Thereafter, every delegate shallbe free to vote together he or she chooses....


Primary dates significant "presumably" and also polling times significant "reportedly" are based on unofficial or estimated data (especially as regards neighborhood variations indigenous a jurisdictionwide statutory and/or regulation standard) and also are, thereby, subject to change.

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