Semi-automatic rifles room legal in California and new York though they must satisfy a list of criteria. One term you might have heard if she in the sector for an AR-15 or AK-47 is “featureless,” which way they lack genetic features that define these rifles as assault rifles. One part that falls under these regulations is the pistol grip, other that owner will need to replace.

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That doesn’t median that owning one AR-15 or AK-47 is illegal, that just means that owners may have to replace the grip. Replacing the grip is not always the most desired thing to execute with a rifle, as it may change the feel when it’s in her hands. Plus, you desire your rifle to be totally functional, offering you the exact same specs as the original product.

Replacing a fixed takes some cautious selection, as part on the industry are bulky, uncomfortable, and don’t to the right the layout of plenty of AR-15s and also AK-47s. It is why we’ve selected the finest featureless grips, every one of which are compliant v California and new York state laws.

Best AR-15 & AK-47 Featureless Grips

Strike Industries basic AR grip


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When you take it ahold of your rifle through an Exile maker Hammerhead replacement, you’ll an alert it has actually a wood rifle feel. It boasts a massive of 170g without any of the hardware and is made of 33% glass-filled nylon. V operating temperatures up to 245C, this grip has enough to load a punch at the shooting variety and, once properly configured, will save your rifle legal for use.

Key Features

Glass-filled nylon bodyTensile strength >197PaOperating temp up to 245CWeighs in at 170g

Why You require a Compliant Rifle Grip

However, replacing a couple of of the features will permit you to register it together a common firearm in specific states. Once it concerns the grip, there are two definitions that classify as an assault weapon feature.

1. forward Pistol GripThis type of grip is similar to the pistol-style grasp and lies in prior of the trigger.

2. Protruding Pistol GripAnother kind of pistol layout grasp, this setup has the internet of the trigger listed below the exposed section of the create when firing.

Because this AR-15 and also AK-47 layout grip come standard on most guns, you’ll have to replace the grip, i m sorry is why we’re here.

Featureless grip Buying Guide: things to Consider

The industry is full of grips but, not all of them room made the same. Some administer comfort, others have actually a spicy look, but only the ideal fuse both. Once you’re on the hunt for a fixed to keep your AR-15 and AK-47 compliant, right here are a couple of things to keep in mind.


Because of their attack weapon classification, it’s forced for owners to keep their guns legally. Before purchasing any type of grip, make sure that the meets demands in California and brand-new York. To buy a grip the is approved for use changes the setup into a featureless firearm, one that have the right to be legally owned in both states.


If this is your first time creating a legitimate rifle, climate you might not understand too much about different brands. The most vital thing to think about when checking because that durability is the material. You want something sturdy sufficient to last but comfortable and also firm sufficient to remainder in the hands comfortably.

Featureless grips space a standard feature that many rifle enthusiasts space after, making them an in-demand product. That method that there room some high quality picks.

The Feel

The comfort and feel of the grip are few of the most necessary things the you should examine for. See exactly how it feeling in your hand and also make sure that it’s no slipping or staying clear of a right shot. Make certain that girlfriend can acquire a heavy grip and that her hand rests comfortably for a straight shoot.

The much better the grip girlfriend have, the stronger the hold you have the right to take, i beg your pardon will improve accuracy, reliability, and overall performance. All of these things and much more are what you desire from a grip, enjoying the exact same shoot even if you have actually to readjust the standard grip.

The Budget

If she on a chop budget, it’s straightforward to simply go for the cheapest grip girlfriend find. Still, you may throw far several functions if you carry out that, which could take far from the high quality of her shoot. It’s far better to understand what girlfriend like and also take some time to save up prior to purchasing to gain a few extra features.

If your budget plan is a small higher, you’ll have more choices but, don’t always just walk for the most expensive one. Instead, try out various grips to check out what girlfriend like and also then make your decision native there.

The Look

When it involves purchasing a firearm, it’s not just about function; the watch are necessary too. Go through a grip the goes through your setup, making the look the means that you want it to. Many of the companies that you will discover on the web emphasis on build and also comfort for the grip. If you’re following a specific theme, shot and find a grip that is the next to your setup yet doesn’t sacrifice the feel.

The Functionality

Perhaps the most necessary thing the you should emphasis on is functionality. Grips room meant to assist you save your weapon stable and give girlfriend the ideal angle as soon as it comes time come shoot. Above all else, make sure that your rifle is useable and also gives friend the flexibility and usability the you to be hoping for.

Testing her Grip

Many human being have enough grip to fire a traditional rifle so there is no should overdo it. Still, you should test your new grip the end for a few things, making sure you have actually the best possible hold.

Grip Pressure

If you a regular shooter, girlfriend probably currently have a great grip and can gauge just how your new grip feels quickly. However, newbies out there will must work with this grip and develop good practices, other that will come v time.

Initial shoot Vs. Follow-Up Shots

Taking your first shot is informing but, so room those come follow. Your first shot will assist you see exactly how much manage you have actually over her rifle, helping you check out if you have to tighten her grip or not.


You can additionally test your grip with a fast alignment test. Have the right to you fight the exact same area or space twice? If friend can’t gain close, you might need to readjust your grip and also keep that steady.

Before girlfriend Go

Picking any type of of this featureless grips, you’ll not only have a compliant rifle but likewise have some of the finest grips on the market.

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Find a fixed that works for you and also gives friend the hold and accuracy you were hoping for.